Paint color, tile, trim to go with bold tile and white cabinets

oldbat2beOctober 26, 2012

We have a bold kj patterson tile on our backsplash and really like how it's turned out.

However, the adjacent sink wall is proving to be challenging. Here, we have the same off-white cabinets and countertop:

Here's what I don't like:

Area painted with 'yellow' color (matched the other color in the bold tile)

2) area painted with rich brown color (great contrast, but just too dark for my liking)

Area painted in same blue as rest of room (how it was originally). Note that this is before I patched and cleaned up the bumped out window shelf area, so it would look cleaner now).

I also think there's a problem with the trim work at the top of the window (I think it should be simpler, with straighter lines up top). It stops abruptly about 3" up from the countertop. Plan was to tile the window ledge and the short backsplash behind the sink. What kind, color of tile? I've considered using same CT material (torquay quartz) but really don't want to spend tons on money on this.

Fridge area: we left room for a 36" counter depth fridge.

At some point, I'll replace the fridge, and add paneling on the left side and a cabinet above. In the meantime, what can I do to improve this space?

A few more shots of the general area:

I love this window and the view out of it but I know something is missing/not right/doesn't work with the way it is.

Please help me improve this setting! Many thanks, oldbat2be

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I agree that the yellow looks off and the original color looks better.
In your kitchen the bold tile is the star and with the yellow, her eye moves too quickly over to the right to that yellow painted wall.

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I never would have guessed that the other color in the tile is yellow! Now I agree as a previous poster in other thread, paint the wall the same color as the cabinets. The trim work on the top of the window matches the cabinets. Then you have the fabulous Patterson tile as the star on that wall, and the view out the window the star on the other. And at night, the black holes of the window will relate to Darth Vader. : )

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Thanks ellendi, onedogedie. I'll admit, the color isn't actually a yellow, more a dark cream/wheat. The color I have on the walls is photographing as yellow but is a pretty good match. I can certainly try the all white. Will probably photoshop suggestions first.

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I like the dark color. Or, try the white cabinet color that was suggested above. The blue and yellow don't work for me. Rather than just one picture, take several pictures (#2,3,4 above) that show different angles and day light conditions and photoshop the color of the cabinets onto the wall.

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First let me say that I love a dark wall. But, I think when you have a great view (which it looks like you do), you want to draw that in to the room. With a dark wall (chocolate brown or gold) it seems to stop my eye from looking at the view.

I would do a light color that just lets your view "be the wall". Sounds confusing, I'm sure. But in our house we back to a creek and there are woods. We bought this lot for that view. I wanted to do some sort of dramatic color on the wall, and what I have come to realize is the off white color (Gray Owl) allows the eye to capture the view so much better. I took all my temporary shades down for the photo shoot. And right now when I'm looking at my breakfast room, I don't see the walls, I see the gorgeous trees in the their fall beauty filling each window completely.

So, I would do something light like your original color (what color is that?), or even the color of the cabinets as suggested.

Regarding the bs on that wall. I think doing the counter top material just up to the bottom of the window is smart. No need to bring in another element. I think the fabulous tile you have does not need to be brought anywhere else in the room. I might even do the countertop material ONLY under the window behind the sink and let the walls just come down to the counters w/o interruption.

I know a lot of people need to use the side and front of their fridge for stuff, but keeping that clear (except for the occasional important note) might spiff it up a little. All the papers seem to be a bit distracting. Even when I had a fridge that I could use magnets on, I kept mine clear and friends were amazed at how much better it looked. Sometimes it's simple things. But again, I do realize that sometimes that is the family message center.

And the window trim? It looks like it matches the other room. I can see how having the casing be the same size without the "wings" might be an idea. But it doesn't bother me, it just adds more interest.

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The color of the counter chairs looks awesome maybe try that a shade darker. Looks amazing.

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Can you go ahead and put the cabinet above the fridge? I think once you build that area in, it will solve most of your problem. You will only have that tiny area around the window, which might look good in the dark brown, then.

I love the tile, it is an amazing choice!


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Honestly, the original color looked good, the brown looked good, and this looks good too - this one ties in with the warm tones in the tile, cabinets, and the floor, too. Your kitchen, on the other hand looks better than good, it looks great -- beyond great, FABULOUS. You have jaw-droppingly beautiful tile, beautiful ceiling feature, an amazing island, incredible cooktop, gorgeous chandeliers, stunning views. How on earth is that little (and I mean little -- it's tiny) neither-here-nor-there piece of wall going to ever -- I mean ever EVER hold a candle to the other show stoppers you've got going in that house. Let it sit back and be the wall flower it's destined to be, there is enough to focus on in that room that it doesn't need to be perfect, good is good enough for it. And believe me it is good as it is now.

I also think the trim above the window looks good and would not rework it. It mimics the crown on the cabinets, and also adds to the framed view of the outdoors -- the real star of the show for that wall anyway.

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I think playing down the paint and playing up the view is a good idea. The yellow/wheat color might work better in a lighter tint. You'd still have a little bit of contrast with the cabinets and trim, but it the color wouldn't make quite as much of a statement.

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Another vote for painting the wall cabinet color and finishing off the cabinet above the fridge. I really think the unbalance of that wall is throwing you off, not the color so much.
You really have a gorgeous kitchen, but I know how the little details can still bug you. I don't think you can go wrong!

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Your kitchen is stunning! I think you need not do white. What about Revere Pewter? or some greige? I think it would be lovely.

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I love your kitchen. I know you didn't like the silvery blue but I think it looked peaceful and lovely and seemed to match the counter stools.
I have an unrelated question, I love the light over your dining area table, can you give me details?

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Hi all! Very much appreciate the feedback and have been reading and mulling over throughout the day. I did pick up a white(r) paint from my local BM/Aura store and have just finished applying a coat. Will recoat in the AM and post a follow-up picture. I've been able to identify what bothers me about the trim work - I think it's top-heavy.

enduring - thanks, good idea about photoshopping multiple shots, will do. (Course, just had to get rid of the yellow first...)

beekeeperswife - I agree wholeheartedly about the effects of having the dark color there. Good point about perhaps only bringing CT material up around window area vs. whole length. I will think through. Original color is Vancouver Day, which we do very much like. May try your Gray Owl. I am not good about keeping the fridge clean but take your point, it does make a huge difference.

rtwilliams - thanks! - if the white doesn't work.... :)

Nancy - I think you've hit the nail on the head. But in order to build the cabinet, don't I need to pick out my future fridge first, so I can get dimensions right? I'm definitely stalled on this decision.

kris_ma - you are very kind, thanks! I am happy with how the rest of the area has turned out but unhappy with this area. It's not huge, no, but it bugs me. Like hearing the wrong chord. It doesn't have to be fancy but I do think it can be improved. Of course, the kitchen is a HUGE improvement over what we had before, so yes I'm sure I am being unbelievably picky to those without kitchens at this point. (Did I ever roll my eyes at the 'help me pick out my hardware!' threads when we had no kitchen at all...).

cawaps - let me know what you think of the white I post tomorrow. Another idea I had was to paint the trim a different color, or hang various silver and pewter pieces in the area.

angel411 - Thanks! I've already started measuring but need to research what needs to be done. Does a counter depth fridge go in a cabinet? I've only ever purchased stand alone ones.

phylhl - thanks... I'll see how the white looks and then play with colors tomorrow.

localeater - the silvery blue may come back (I do have an untouched gallon somewhere). We love this light - it's the Varaluz Fascination, NV.

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Old Bat - that is one awesome looking kitchen. I am struggling to figure out the paint color that would enhance - but I agree - keep it light enough not to fight with the outside view. I like the idea of using the chair color.
I don't think I would like blue.

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Love your kitchen. It is really a masterpiece. I also think a greige or Revere Pewter would be nice. Maybe consider Cotswald from Ben Moore's Affinity collection. Soft brownish gray. I used in my family room and it is stunning and peaceful.

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OldBat (such an appropriate name this time of year),
I really think your Gray Owl is the best choice.

My reasoning:
Dark, as Bee wisely pointed out, is distracting from your view.

Yellow--you have the browns of your tile going and the grays of your chairs, and while it's a perfectly nice color, it doesn't seem linked to either of those colors.

White--A safe bet and you can't go wrong but I'd rather set off your cabinetry and other woodwork.

Vancouver Gray (or Gray owl likely)--Looking at the rooms where I see that color, it seems to belong.

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i never would have guessed that the other color in the tile was yellowish either! can you go a few shades lighter on it, so that it is more creamy, but still give you some contrast with the white trim and cabinets? or maybe go a couple shades darker than the color of your cabinets?
if you need a few colors to try, I love BM soft chamois, which is sort of a creamy white with a touch of brown, which i found after trying a dozen whites and off whites (i used it at 75%). BM moonlight white or BM china white are also nice and sophisticated.

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Making progress! Busy day so far. Second coat of paint, one hockey game, interior and exterior window cleaning, and some more pictures. New color is BM Aura shimmer. It reads blue in real life, almost a matching blue to the Vancouver Day, in a good way. I don't find it conflicts next to the brown tile.

The white paint is much better I think but I think the trim work needs work. I still think the windows are a little top heavy, especially with the top trim piece. It could be more rectangular. That said, there are a lot of rectangles in this view. Perhaps something to introduce a curve?

I spent some time last night looking at window trim on Houzz. The trim could be very wide and tall:

Traditional Kitchen design by Boston Architect Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc

It could disappear, with trim that goes to the ceiling:

Traditional Kitchen design by Burlington Architect Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Or it could connect the left run of cabinets with the right (eventual) one; I forget what this piece is called:

Traditional Kitchen design by Denver Kitchen And Bath Angela Otten; WmOhs Showrooms Inc

Thanks a2, blue would be more of a blue grey. I originally had baby/sky blue and couldn't STAND it.

dretutz - what a nice thing to say, thank you! I am not familiar with Revere Pewter, will look it up.

Hi colorfast - I haven't yet bought a paint sample of Gray Owl; may try if I decide against the current off white.

michoumonster - thank you for the soft chamois color recommendation, with a name like that, it sounds lovely:) I may still try it.... BM china white I have used a lot of in the past.

A few more shots then off to tackle stacking the wood. Gorgeous fall day out there!

View outside the kitchen window:

And my personal favorite:

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Oldbat - I was visualizing a real blue but your new color sounds great!

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