domsjo sink protector

cook4realOctober 30, 2010

I have an Ikea Domsjo sink in my kitchen. I love the look and size of the sink. Does anyone out there have this sink and what can I use for a sink protector? I use cast iron pots and nervous about scratching/chipping. The size is so different from everything out there. I have been everywhere to find something that will work. Odd that Ikea does not sell anything that will fit. Think everyone that purchases sink would purchase this as well. any ideas?

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My domsjo sink is still in the box, but I've already looked around just a bit for a grid.

While at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I found a rubber mat that you can cut to fit, and it looked big enough, but I didn't have the measurements of the sink at the time so I don't know for sure.

Someone on the ikeafans thread liked above mentioned a pebbly -looking mat, and that would describe what I saw perfectly. I would much prefer a metal grid though. I think the grid would be more protection for things dropped into the sink, and that is my major concern.

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thanks guys. but i have actually brought home those pebbly mats from bbb. i needed to get two to fit. laid them out and got disgusted so i returned them. even if they had one large enough so that i could cut it down would have been better. chef central suggested using a dish towel when washing the cast iron pots. can you even imagine dealing with that sopping mess? aaargh. guess i need to revisit the pebbly ones. just thought i'd ask.

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Thanks for sharing your experince with the pebbly mats - I've seen ones for bathtubs, I would think they'd be big enough to cut down to fit the sink, but it does seem like it could still be a mess to deal with. I'd prefer something to keep the dishes up off the bottom so if you need to dump something, you aren't getting it all over the dishes.

I'm hoping to get my sink out of the box this weekend, then I'll also be searching for a suitable rack or liner. I have to put something down to protect the bottom.

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macybaby you are going to love your sink! it is so deep and pretty. but you gave me an idea! i did not even think of a bath tub mat. and cutting that down. duh me. do they still make the ones with the little suction cups on the bottom? maybe that would hold it up some. oh how ugly though. going to check it out. thanks.

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it's been a couple years almost but still a problem! i think i'll see what bbb stocks and use tin snips or an angle grinder to cut a larger one down and file the sharp edges. hopefully i can find something with the hole in a suitable place for the drain.

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Do you have a small roasting pan with an insert and you could use the insert? A cooling rack maybe? These come in various sizes and may work.

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