grouting split face tile?

lilsallyanOctober 15, 2008

Has anyone grouted their split face tile backsplash? When my husband and I installed it we removed each piece from the 12x12 mesh and put them on by hand. They are on so tightly that there is little to no space for grout. Maybe we should run a bead of silicone caulk around the bottom edge? Any thoughts? What kind of sealer should we use? Spray on?

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen

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There might not be much space, but I'll bet there's some. Use an unsanded grout, but seal it first with a good penetrating sealer. NOT a spray on!! Use something like Aquamix's Sealers Choice Gold, or Miracle's 511 impregnator. Wipe it on with one cloth, wait 5 minutes or so, and then wipe off the excess with another. As for caulking, use a siliconized latex made by the same people as the grout, that matches the grout. Don't use silicone.

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Hmmm....I am not sure how you'd grout that tile. I am not an expert, but I have always just sort of wiped the grout on with a rubber trowel to push it in the cracks. That is certainly not an option for you because of the rough face. Is grouting even necessary? I looked at your looks nice just as it is. It looks like you have installed them very tightly together.

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Here's a good picture of her split face tile backsplash...very nice! But I can see why you have the grouting question, as there's not much room there and it's a very rough surface.


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Very good picture. I really would not try to grout that tile. You would almost have to just do it like stack stone walls are done.....they use a mortor bag for that. You'd probably have to use a pastry bag or something! Honestly...I'd leave it just as it is.

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Let me put it this way-- if I come into your house and install split face stone, it's getting grouted. If you'd rather it didn't, then you'll be hiring someone else.

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I sealed the tile today. Should I use two coats? Also, Bill how would you get that grout in between the stones without ruining it? What are to cons if it doesn't get done? Appreciate your input.

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One coat should do as a grout release. As for grouting, use a grout float and unsanded grout, just as you would in aother circumstances with small joints. You want to really press the grout into the joints to make sure that all open joints get filled. If you're afraid of the grout getting stuck on the face of the stone, then just take smaller sections at a time. Dont try and grout the whole backsplash before going back and washing the excess grout off.

As for the cons, those joints WILL get filled, one way or the other. Whether it be with grout, or airborn grease and such when you're cooking, or even just mopisture in the air, all of which would be unhealthy.

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Hi Sandy,
I am hoping you can give me some advice about installing splitface travertine backsplash, yours looks AMAZING and is just what I had in mind! We bought Split Face Champagne Gold Travertine from Daltile and are going to install it this week with the help of my parents. If you have the time to let me know how your experience went I would love your advice!

How did cutting the stone go, did it break easily? Did you use a large wet tile saw? How did you put the outlet covers on with the unneaven surface? How has the un-grouted option held up? I would love to avoid grouting by placing the tiles as close as we can to eachother just as you did. Also, have you had trouble with cleaning the stone and or any staining?

Thank you so much for your help, I am so excited to find someone who was able to do just what I was hoping to with those beautiful stones! Your remodel looks so great, I love everything you did!

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