suanderpenOctober 2, 2012

Does anyone LIKE their thermofoil kitchen cabinets? I'm considering them for my new kitchen. I'm drawn to the easy care of thermofoil. I have grown children who frequent my home + grandchildren and three dogs ...lots of traffic. I need a very functional kitchen. I'm told the color changing and peeling issues are no longer a problem. The product and color is now stablized. Heat shield will be installed to protect the cabinets from the oven/stove. The contractor took me to 3 homes with thermofoil cabinets. I was impressed and those customers said they had no regrets. They use 409 to clean them. I'm told thermofoil is widely used in other countries and not considered "low end" but in the USA it's considered an inferior product. I wouldn't buy the cabinets from a box store. A local cabinet maker will make the box and the doors will come from Canada (Premoule). I've been lurking on GW and come accross some negative views. Any satified thermofoil customers out there?

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The new thermofoil look nothing like the old. It used to be that the rounded corners in the raised panel style was a dead give away but now they have done away with that. I have them in my bathroom and they have been fine for 15 years. I even recently had them painted! A local company is able to do something magic with them and the paint adhered to them and has been doing fine for over a year. No nicks or chips. I went from a bright white to a linen white. Looks great! I don't think you could go wrong with this door. I was going to go that route with the expresso cabs but decided to paint the old ones instead. But I was very impressed with the door styles and how they have come such a long way over the years. Seems environmentally friendly too since it's over MDF of some sort.

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We love ours! No regrets! So easy to keep clean with 3 kiddos and we do LOTS of entertaining in our home. From Beveled Arabesque Backsplash install

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We just built a beach house and used thermofoil cabinets everywhere. I wanted white for that classic beach house look, but needed easy clean as we will have lots of guests, dogs, etc. I know thermofoil is greatly frowned upon in this forum which gave me pause, but it's what made sense for us so that's what we went ahead and used. I'm happy with our decision.

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Debbi Branka

I got mine 2 years ago. My perimeter is thermofoil; my island is painted wood. (Picture is before island install.) I have no complaints about the termofoil at all. It's awesome to clean (grandkids, 3 dogs and a cat). The cat has been on amoxicillan (pink stuff) and shakes after every dose. I try to get it all, but days later I'll find pink drops in low places and it wipes off so easily. I have noticed that the cabinet frames (not the thermofoil part) have yellowed some compared to my bright white doors, but not all over and no one else notices, so it's not really that bad (yet).

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Thanks for your replies. I feel more confident with my decision. Love the photos. Beautiful kitchens!

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