Front mount drawer pulls - how do they hold up?

Mom23EsOctober 5, 2012

My pulls are still back ordered. I'm so annoyed. I saw someone post that RH is having another F&F sale this weekend, and I'm about to cancel my order and just go buy the stuff I really love. I think this might be a sign. Lol

My builder discouraged me from the Gilmore pulls because the pulls screw in from the front. He thought that over time the continual force of pulling the handles in the same direction of the screws would cause them to loosen. He thought that eventually the screws would simply not hold up and the pulls would be loose all the time. He said he wouldnt have a problem installing them if that's what I really want, but he did want to warn me.

Has anyone had front mount pulls over a long period of time? Will they drive me nuts in 10, 20, 30 years?

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Don't know anything about front-mount pulls, but as far as the screws go, there is a loctite product that will supposedly prevent the screws from loosening up, but the screws can be removed if/when desired (as opposed to their product that is permanent).


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Not long enough for me to be included in your sample. I have about a year with the Aubrey pulls. No problem. My cab maker didn't have an issue either.

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I don't see any reason that you cannot use machine screws (i.e., bolts) from the front, rather than wood screws. You will need to do two things for this to work: choose exactly the right length machine screw (with a tolerance of +0, -1/8"), and countersink the space for the nut.

For a normal installation that uses machine screws from the rear, you generally have to countersink for the screw head anyway, so the second item is not a real big deal. Neither is the first. Also, machine screws are available with any head style, so you can match the look of your wood screw.

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I'm guessing that the pulls have screws where the heads match the finish of the pulls (I have chrome bathroom hooks that screw from the front that have matching screw heads) so you may not be that free to change the screws to bolts. I think your guy has a point but given the nature of drawer hardware now and assuming your kitchen doesn't get used harshly (ie kids or heavy handed spouse) I'm guessing it could be quite a long time before they would loosen and there are ways tighten stuff up if necessary. What sort of wood are we talking about?

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Thanks everyone!

We have maple cabinets with plywood construction. I don't really know/understand much more about them. They're Medallion brand cabinets, painted white. Our hardware will be polished chrome.

Well, I went ahead and cancelled my order. It's so frustrating because I ordered August 19th, and there was no indication that anything was back ordered. I received my knobs but not my pulls. They called about 2 weeks after the order and told me it was back ordered until mid-september. They also failed to send me a couple other things I ordered and claimed to have sent it. Nothing but a headache. Anyway, I guess my lesson is that you get what you pay for. At least I can get a lot of the RH stuff locally and order the rest.

I think it was a sign too. My heart was really set on the RH style, but they were much more expensive and my builder wasn't crazy about them. Well, we just went into contract with our current house and the new house is supposed to be completed in 3 weeks. I NEED my hardware!

It all works out! Happy sigh of relief. :-)

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I'm glad it worked out. You're in the home stretch now!

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My parents had front-mount pulls for 20-something years and 4 kids.

Not a problem

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Lazygardens- that's exactly what I wanted to hear! :-)

I ran over to RH this morning, and man, they really don't have much in stock. I walked out with 9 Gilmore pulls, 1 Gilmore knob, and 1 bistro pull. Really? I ordered a zillion others online from the store so I got free shipping. I also fell in love with their lightbulbs they had displayed in their chandeliers. Those can only be purchased online. Is RH just a showroom these days?!?!?

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I ordered my Gilmore Pulls 2 days ago : ) woo-hoo!

In older threads, I read the screws are really bad and some suggested to buy all new screws. (babushka cat)

I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is still the case?

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I had pulls for 18 years and they never got loose. As a matter of fact, when we were staging the house to sell, I decided to update the pulls. Had a heck of time getting the old ones off. They were so tight, we broke a few of the screws.

I wouldn't worry about it.


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