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AnalipsiOctober 3, 2012

Good Morning GW Folks,

I am fairly new to GW but Oh do I enjoy reading through all your postings for the wonderful advice that has been given.

I would like to ask for some input on my island design.

Our island will be 104 inches long by 48 inches wide and I want to incorporate trash, section for cookbooks, and microwave all with cohesive design. I have 90 inches of cabinets + 12 inches of over hang on one side (48 inch wide side/small sitting area), and 2 inches on the other.

I was thinking that the cookbook section will be facing the range but then 48 inches seems to be to much space.

So then I thought perhaps I dedicate one section to the trash and cookbooks (18+12)but the cabinets directly on the other side would not mirror this space. Should this matter?

This home is for two retired folks but with children and grandchildren within arm's reach.

Thank you.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I put my cookbook shelf on the end of the island. I also had an outlet put inside for charging cell phones and such.

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We have a bookcase at one end as well, but ours has doors. Our tabletop is at the other end.

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This is an old picture but you can do an updated version of this.

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