Meeting with KD re Punch List. What to expect?

phiwwyOctober 9, 2012

There are a dozen or so issues to discuss. Am i to expect a negotiation here? Will all be resolved willingly? Or will a price reduction be offered? Or will i be told, we cant do that or its not necessary?

(for example, the pocket door that slides up to open an appliance garage cabinet, when opened, will block those upper cab doors from opening, because of the pocketdoor pull). Do i live with this? They would probably have to rip out that cabinet, wreck my walls, etc etc. Suggestions?

This is a good, reliable cabinet company but they have an eye on their profit margin i am sure.

I have a 10% balance due so thats my leverage.

Suggestions needed asap.

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Will depend on the company. Typical is to adress issues and not cash back.
As to appliance garage cabinet- that is standard in every brand I know of that offers one (blame Isaac Newton for the 2nd law of physics:).
That should have neen mentioned before selection. Did you see one on display?

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No, did not see pocket door on display. It ended up as part of the design to hold an ugly appliance.

Really? they can't make the wood between the upper cabinet thicker so that the doors clear the pocket door pull? seems easy to me if it were thought of during design.

Also - when you open dishwasher or fridge - the exposed edge of the adjacent cablinet is not "finished". it should be, right?

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If you make the wood thicker then it throws the door alignment off or makes the garage too short either of which also leads to client complaints. In some better brands you can do that as a modification at extra charge- not typical.
The alternatives are those lovely tambours;->,swing opening (blocks counter), or side pockets(block counter and take more space and more $$) or don't do a garage.

For the Dishwasher Yes the edges should be finished. The only time that would not be true is if the client is seriously crunching budget then you don't get what you don't pay for... even then it is not something I will typically offer as a cost savings
The fridge- depends. It is unusual to see the inside edge with a properly installed fridge except for built-ins. I still prefer to finish them, again..budget.

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I had to go look at my fridge and dishwasher. On the fridge, the sides of the adjacent cabinets are not visible at all, so that doesn't matter. The underside of the over-fridge cab is visible. Ours isn't finished (clear coat over maple vs. dark stain on the outsides). It probably would be nicer if it were finished. The sides of the cabs next to the dishwasher are finished, which I'd never actually noticed before. A strip approximately 1" wide is exposed on each side when the dishwasher door is down. All things considered, a finished side there is a good idea.

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I think you should have been told that the cabinet doors wouldnt open, I was.
I think you have this type of door, that slides up and in,

From [GW Photos](

I think you have either full overlay, or frameless?
I was originally looking at frameless and was told that if I wanted this type of door on my appliance garage that they would need to do the upper cabinets as partial overlay to make it work. Since I was told, I think you should have been too.

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I had to Google "appliance garage" to see how the pull/knob could impede opening the upper cabinets. All the photos showed the knob clearing the doors by being in the rail (or is it stile?) area.

Could you instead have a recessed pull and even something on the under/inner side to grab when you want to lower the garage door?

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Agree that a recessed pull is probably the easiest solution.

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beware of any response that starts with, "YOU kin jus' ..."

none of this "you" stuff. YOU aren"t finishing their work, they are.

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Thanks all. Most if not all of the issues are being or will be addressed (whew). The pocket door that slides up and in is a question mark. I think KD didn't realize it. We're trying to find a solution. Thanks very much for the ideas.

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