Edge on Quartz Help!!!

rosemarynjOctober 9, 2013

I am doing my order of Caesarstone tonight for island and counters and have to make a decision on edge. My present granite is bullnose which I really do not like anymore. I really wanted to do the Ogee edge. Installer is telling me that Ogee is outdated and that everyone uses flat square edge now in quartz. I really like the ogee but hate to have my kitchen outdated before it is even finished! Help!

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Ogee isn't outdated in a formal traditional space. It should never have been "in" for a modern space. If you fall in between stylewise, it will depend on the other details in the kitchen as to whether it's appropriate to it. Being appropriate to the style of the kitchen and home has more to do with the longevity of the style in your home rather than the current popularity cycle.

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I hate when ONE person tells you something like that and ruins your whole plan! That will always be in the back of your head, or if you do the square edge you will always wish you did the ogee. Do what YOU like. I have seen many kitchens on Houzz with both edges. Scroll through kitchen pictures and take notice of edges to give yourself peace of mind.

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" Installer is telling me that Ogee is outdated and that everyone uses flat square edge now in quartz."

Bullsh!t alert!!!! this is not true at all. Additionally, the flat square edge polish off a CNC machine has the poorest finish quality of any edge profile. CNC's leave a lot of visible lines in flat edges.

Get the edge you want. It's your house!

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Something is only outdated when you don't like how it fits into the whole design of your home. If it fits your overall style, you're likely to always love it. Even if someone else doesn't love it. Even if someone else makes lists of "10 dated details in your kitchen", you won't care.

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I actually can understand where he's coming from. Many homeowners and designers think of quartz as a more contemporary look. That's why we chose it for our transitional kitchen. But in the last few years, the new patterns seem to be trying to imitate marble and exotic granites, so a traditional ogee edge would suit those patterns. My monochromatic pattern would look odd with an ogee edge.

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Your installer doesn't have an ogee bit and doesn't get enough call for it to justify spending the money for same and he can't pay for the bit with your job.

That's why ogee is out of style.

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Get the edge that *you* like.

We installed a quartz ( Silestone) countertop recently and at first I wanted the ogee edge. However, we took the precaution of asking the fabricator to first make us a sample ( he didn't have anything ready-to-show) and what he presented us with changed my mind! We went with demi-bullnose instead and it turned out so well.

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All excellent advice above, eps by oldryder and boone.

Although there is a lot of flat edges in the SF Bay Area, that is a regional thing, so I don't know much about the trends in your area. Some of that feedback might be because of a regional style difference. But ogee is still still used throughout my region, but I was also told they were doing fewer really built up/stacked edges, even in very high end homes.

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Thanks for all your advice - I am sticking with ogee

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