Light rail under cabinets

organic_nettieOctober 12, 2008

Here I am again,

What do you think about a light rail? Does it make the cabinets seem much lower? I am going to have one installed in order to make sure the lights are covered.

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It depends on how high your light rail is. Mine is only 3/4" and it doesn't make the cabinets feel any lower.

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Mine will be 3/4" also. I made sure the upper cabinets were set high enough that the 3/4" won't make any difference.

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love the light rail. gives the cabinets a much more finished look. here's mine. first pic is without, second is with.

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Ed I had that same chandelier :oP

And as to the light rail. In my's essential. It's a little thing that really finishes off a kitchen. I was amazed at the difference when all of my cabinets were trimmed out...well worth every penny!

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you probably had the same thin blue accent strips as well, eh, igloo?

i didn't know about the light rail molding when we did our last kitchen and i always thought it seemed unfinished. i hated seeing the underside of the uppers. i agree that it's essential. crazy to spend all this money on a kitchen and not a few extra bucks on something like that.

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Hey edlakin - sorry about going OT a moment, but what is your backsplash tile? It's beautiful!

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I was originally not going to get light rails, then our cabinet guy showed us examples of how nicely it finishes off the cabinets and hides the lights and I was sold. We were able to choose from a variety of sizes and types of light rails to fit our style. I'm very happy we went with light rails. Good Luck!

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