annkathryn or anyone- mrdirect sinks

localeaterOctober 10, 2012

Everytime I see annkathryn's sink picture, I think why can't I decide about a sink, get the one she got it is gorgeous!

So you've had it a while now is it still awesome, does it still look good, are you still happy? If you had to do it again would you go with mrdirect and with the same sink? Are you a heavy sink user or would you say your kitchen is more for show then for cooking?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi localeater, sorry I just saw your post with your question. We sold the house with the MRDirect sink a year ago, but while we lived there we thought it was a very good sink. We had absolutely no issues with it at all - it was very sturdy. My kitchen is definitely for cooking but DH does almost all the cleanup, and he gives the sink a thumbs up too.

In my current remodel I would have used another MRDirect sink but wanted an offset drain so went with Elkay.

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I was wondering why you were doing a new glossy white and walnut kitchen when your other kitchen was so nice. Moving explains everything.
What Elkay sink did you go with, my first preference is for a sink that drains in the right rear corner, as that will give my the most undersink storage. I only seem to find them in 8" or 10" depth and my preference is 9". Maybe I am too fussy.
When I start thinking I am too fussy is when I say- just get the Very Reasonably priced MR Direct sink. I do like the Orca-esque shape. The other sink I am considering is actually an ELkay lowdivide 60/40

From GW Photos

Who knew picking a sink would be this hard?

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localeater I'm so sorry, I thought I'd responded to your post and now I see that I hadn't. This is the Elkay sink I ordered, in the 8" depth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elkay sink

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