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aktillery9October 18, 2013

I know many of us have questions regarding marble. Will it etch and stain... is it just too much to maintain, etc. We have done tests etc. I wanted to share this post from a blog that discusses marble. I think it is super helpful to read if you are considering marble. It most definitely helped me to make a decision and feel comfortable with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Helpful and Insighful info on marble

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Great post, thanks so much! Beautiful kitchen. I've just bookmarked your blog.

Your timing in posting was perfect for me because I've just been really noticing the extent of the etching on my honed Carrara and had just decided I'm fine with it. My kitchen is a living thing, full of activity, food, wine, family, friends, neighborhood kids and animals. The etching really only jumps out when I'm really looking for it. Everyone who walks into our kitchen is taken by it. It seems to have this amazing quality that makes folks very nostalgic for their grandmother's kitchen or a countertop they saw in Europe! That's exactly what I love about it.

We are very happy with our marble. It is NOT for the faint of heart though! But if you can live and let live, it is an amazing countertop material!

Thanks so much!

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Excellent blog! That is great personal experience with marble & great description for anyone thinking about using it. I love the patina aged marble & am thinking about putting in my own kitchen. Can't wait. Thanks for sharing the link.

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Excellent post! I got the "raised eyebrow" look from the fabricator when I said I was putting carerra marble in my busy kitchen. I decided that it was my choice last year when I was eating at the bar in my favorite bistro and I looked down at the marble surface that was etched, stained, and even dinged and chipped...and I thought it was the most beautiful surface I had ever seen. I think it just gets better with age.

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Oh gosh, I just LOVE that blog and have been following it for a while. She has such lovely taste. I found her blog after I had already decided on marble (it was never really up for discussion). I also have an old old old farmhouse and to me, it just seemed like a no brainer. For The Love of a House made me completely confident in my decision.

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I'm so glad the post helped. It's just so insightful!!

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