Anyone has more smart ideas to maintain tidy kitchen?

Sharon831October 9, 2012

Hello Everyone,

There is one saying always sticking in my mind: "25 years old is women's critical age", because according to unofficial study, women after 25 years old will shift focus to home... and that is me now !!

However, after becoming a housewife for nearly a year, I am still like a baby learning how to stand up. Anyway, my purpose of this post is to find more smart ideas to maintain my little private area = Kitchen. I hate disorganized kitchen, but unfortunately, I have to deal with it all the time. Sponges, 2 dish clothes, 1 dish wash and 1 hand wash... my sink becomes very tiny now since things are all around.

Recently, I decided to put down some of my "house budget" to get a set of magnetic cloth holder and magnetic hooks from Reenberg's. It does help me a lot to keep my little sink bigger and more functional.

Still anyone can suggest me more good idea on how to keep your kitchen organized and functional?

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might be spam, but the question is valid!

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Okay, I am completely new here.... so I am not sure sharing my favorite toy here is considered as "spam". If I am considered to spam people here because I mentioned the company name, then please ignore the brand and forget what I have talked about the product, and just give me some good idea about how you maintain your kitchen.

But if you are still not happy about my post, then I will try to go on another discussion board and see if anyone can help !!

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It depends.
If you sell the item - spam.
If you found something you like but don't represent the item - it is fine. Go to the first post to see the rules.

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Okay, so let me declare myself again that I am not representing any brand or any products here. I just found couple posts here that are very relevant to my daily work at home. So I tried to be member here and posted something I think it might be interested to others here while I can get some advices. But if anyone find my post as spam, then I will seal any brand name here and just present what I have gotten here.

Actually I read some posts here and people do mentioned the brand that products they got... very confusing about the rule. Hope I finally will get some good advice, but not warning or even a blame on my post as being potential "spam" post.

Anyway, forget the products I am using, any good ideas to share?!

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Sharon831, spammers do one thing: promote their products. They register and immediately post about that product. They dredge up old posts to rave about the product and post a link to the website. They start new posts to rave about their product.

You've done both so it's a logical conclusion.

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I put most dishes in the dishwasher so I keep sponges, scrubbies and dish soap under the sink or in the tilt-out tray.

You could also switch to a product that is good for both dishes and hands.

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Have you seen mazy123's new reveal? Lots of touches in that kitchen to minimize clutter and keep a streamlined look. Plenty of appliance garages. Even the plug-ins are hidden. There's a place for everything - including paper towels and a drawer for phones to be charged. Egads, there is a lot of inspiration there.

As for me, most of our clutter seems to do with mail. I definitely have to incorporate that into the remodel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mazy123

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You are already a much better housewife than I was at 25.

When I redid the kitchen, I thought of places for things to be instead of on the counter. That made everything more tidy. Instead of a dish drainer, I got a microfiber dish mat - or I use a dish towel - so I always have to dry and put everything away immediately, and then I put away the dish mat. I keep the dish soap under the counter, except when I'm actually washing up. Dish towels are kept on a rack attached to the inside of the door under the sink. I attached a cork square to the inside of a cabinet to use as a bulletin board. It's handy for keeping notices about upcoming events at my daughter's school. I have two "junk" drawers, but they are well organized with partitions, and things like keys, coupons, rubber bands, pens and pencils, sunglasses, and reading glasses each have their own compartment. I find it is much easier to put everything away when it actually has a place. It's easier to find my reading glasses now, too, but you won't have to worry about that for at least 15 years.

I designated a drawer for all the dog supplies. I also have a set of hooks on the wall near the door for the dog walking needs.

Are you in Scandinavia? I notice that your dish soap is labeled in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. If so, you are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

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Did you see this thread? I'm afraid most of the ideas are for remodeling.

Here is a link that might be useful: What kitchen ideas made you a neater person?

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Thanks Ginny20 for you good advice. Could you show me some pictures of your kitchen, if you don't mind.

Yes I am living in Denmark. They have great products to buy (oops, no company mention here =P). But products here also cost twice as much as in States. So I am looking for good advice to maintain my kitchen nice and tidy.

Unfortunately I am living in a rented apartment. (hopefully we can save up enough money for getting our own house) So I can't do much about remodeling my kitchen. Now the most troublesome things for me is that my husband insists to have at least 2 kitchen towels, one for wiping out table with food left, and one for cleaning up other area without food left. It's so smelling and look disgusting in the kitchen.. How do you manage to hide those dirty towel? Problem for me is that I don't have enough little carbin to put those towel, and even I have, I still need to find place to dry them before putting out.

I don't mind to DIY something for this issue, anyone has great idea about DIY stuff for kitchen?

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Here is a picture of my towel rack. I hang the towels wet and they dry just fine.

This is my kitchen. Sorry, not very good pictures. The kitchen is small (by American standards) and it is difficult to photograph.

This thread shows some good ideas for hanging towels.

Here is a link that might be useful: Where do you hang your dish towels?

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I have my dish soap in one of the decorative dispensers usually used for bathrooms. It looks nice, so I don't mind it being on the counter as much as I would the bottle it came in.

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