Never M-T Soap Dispenser wanted!

compumomOctober 5, 2013

This may sound odd, but might you have an extra Never M-T that you'd consider selling to me? Unfortunately mine are all gone. The shipping charges are outrageous for only one item and I need it this coming week. Unfortunately Amazon is out of stock.
Thanks in advance- just contact me through the GW email.

Here is a link that might be useful: Never M-T Soap Dispenser

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Check Home Depot - I bought mine in the bath and kitchen accessory department, near the grab bars.

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Ha! I was just searching on these yesterday and was similarly disappointed to find Amazon out of stock and shipping outrageous.

I read here about a DIY solution with cheap rubber tubing so I'm going to hit the hardware store today and give that a try.

If it doesn't work I'll be near HD next week so I'll look!

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I've been meaning to order one and just haven't gotten around to it. Think I'll check HD this weekend. Is theirs the "Never M-T" brand. Just want to know what to ask for if I can't find it.

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When I just needed one, I bought it from ebay. I didn't find the price too bad.

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Outrageous shipping $7.80?!? Give me a break! Yes, it's a high percentage of the $11.95 price, but the whole thing still comes in at under $20, if you need it this week. Amazon shipping isn't free unless you spend more than $25 or have Amazon Prime.

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Why do you need it this week? A Never MT can easily be installed after the fact - it's just connecting a plastic tips e to the bottom of the soap dispenser (under the sink).

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I specifically bought it from Custom Inserts. I think they're a small company and wanted to help them out & not water down their profits by going through Amazon.

Sometimes small companies don't know how to market well. If they just added $7 to the price and gave free shipping, people have a totally different view. As weissman said, it's still under $20. You could make it yourself but wouldn't the time and hassle spent getting the right tube and connector sizes make $20 a good deal?

By the way, you should install it after you install everything else. You just replace the small container in your regular soap dispenser with a tube and run it down to your detergent jug.

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I recently ordered mine from there and it arrived very quickly. It came with the various sizes of soap container caps. I thought it was definitely with the money.

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A GWebber :-) sent me mine. It is worth buying the the 3+1 and going them away as presents. Mine has been great!

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The ones I saw at HD, right in the faucet department, were not the NevermT brand. Sure looked like it and it was inexpensive.

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Thanks, I'll order one now. But my Home Depot doesn't carry soap dispensers-- I was there yesterday and checked. Perhaps other stores, but my time is worth more than running around for a $20 item. I don't want to deal with the tubing etc, and I want it all set up this coming week when the plumber returns!
And yes, I signed up for a trial month on Amazon prime to get my faucet quickly. They were very quick and I had return privileges if necessary with no restocking fee.

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