How High for Backsplash?

yoyomaOctober 21, 2008

How high should backsplash go in this scenario?

a) up to hood

b) up to ceiling over hood (as shown in drawing)

c) entire wall

Countertop will be soapstone, cabinets will be lighter-stained mahogany. (Cabinet crown molding will simpler than shown in drawing.) Thanks for your thoughts.

Walker Zanger Zinc Matte glass tile:


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I believe it's Nuccia that has glass tile going up to the ceiling with glass tile. It looks FABULOUS!

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I will have a chimney hood like yours and I am planning the tile to reach all the way to the ceiling. I love the look.

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With the vaulted ceiling you have, running the tile all the way up would be very dramatic and beautiful!

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I also used Walker Zanger Weave green glass tile on my backsplash. I don't have a chimney hood, but on my sink wall I went up to the ceiling around my window. I love the look! Take a look at my kitchen in the finished kitchen blog to see how it looks.

In your case, I like the idea of running it up to the ceiling on just that one wall. It's lovely tile-- you should show it off!

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hmmm... not sure I like it over the hood. I think it would look a little bit awkward. Particularly the various shapes that will be created (the pointy triangle to the right of the tile above the cabinets). the trapezoid (if that's what you'd call it) to the left of the tile above the cabinets.

Will you be tiling the wall under the cabinets leading up to the window?

I love your tile choice. It is absolutely gorgeous. My caution would be to look at the negative space created by tiling above the hood.

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We don't have molding on our cab tops but you can see the up-to-the-ceiling look here in my kitchen:

PS if you can, take down your hood and have them tile the entire area behind the hood/chimney. G-forbid you ever have to replace your range hood, you won't be stuck trying to fit, fill, or hide the un-tiled space(s).

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To be honest, I'm also not crazy about the negative space that gets formed in your kitchen when you tile to the ceiling.

I would vote for tile to the top of the hood with a similar color paint above, and tile the other wall under the cabinets, or no tile at all and use glass sheet.

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If I tile the complete ceiling, will there be negative space as well? Or is that only if I tile around the hood to the ceiling? I'm leaning on doing the entire wall. I'm a little worried it's going to be too contemporary but maybe it will work in a transitional kitchen as well.

cat_mom, your kitchen is gorgeous, I have used Nuccia's and your photos as inspiration.

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Thank you yoyoma! We opted against doing the entire wall for a couple reasons (for our situation; not saying it wouldn't work elsewhere). 1) Cost! That much more tile and that much more labor to have the tile installed was more than we could justify or wanted to spend. 2) We weren't sure how it would look--very dramatic, no question there, but not sure if too dramatic for our kitchen? (only 13x13)

Either way, you really can't go wrong (beautiful tile, BTW!!!)

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Yes, doing the whole wall versus around the hood to the ceiling adds over $1000 to the job which did get me thinking. I just don't want to regret it aftewards. I think since it's pretty neutral it won't be overly dramatic. And it is open to the dining room so it might look cool while eating.

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Cat mom et it difficult installing the hood after a glass tile backsplash is on the wall??

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I like the idea of tiling the whole wall, but might chicken out if it were me for 2 reasons...

1) Cost. Don't think I need to explain that one, but price is ALWAYS a consideration in our house.

2) Will it look dated or will I want to change it? It's easy to paint, and it's not too bad to change tile from the underside of the hood down...I think changing the backsplash is an easy way to refresh or update a kitchen...or give it a new personality. But removing the tile up to the ceiling or a whole wall is a LOT of expense, time, and effort, and would call for sheetrock repair or retiling the whole wall again.

I would take the easy way out, which is also my 2nd choice aesthetically, and just tile to the underside of the hood. I know...Boring. If it wasn't my 2nd choice I wouldn't consider it, but since I still think it would look nice that way, I would compromise with it. The line up the wall only above the hood just isn't my favorite, but it's a personal preference.

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Very good point rhome410! I never even thought about that. Tiling up to the hood would save me over $2200! And it would be a lot easier to refresh later on with a diferent paint job. Ahh, why am I so indecisive!

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is it difficult installing the hood after a glass tile backsplash is on the wall??

Oh honey, you don't know the half of it!!! It might not have been so bad had it not been hanging already before the tile guy came to tile.

All in all, we ended up taking the thing down and putting it up a number of times--for tiling, for chimney cover installation (couldn't get that on/up into the ceiling with the hood in place), and for all I remember, a few more times in-between! Well worth it IMHO, but not an endeavor we're looking to repeat anytime soon!

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I think tiling the whole wall would be fantastic, and would probably make that wall the focal point of your room. Is that what you want?

Cost wise,

My second choice would be to tile just to the underside of the hood. The negative space created by tiling a column would bother me. But, that is a personal viewpoint- just like some people need to have symmetry (not me)in their cabinets.

Realistically, does anyone ever change just their backsplash? Yours is neutral and classy, so I can't see that it would ever be anything you tire of.

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Let's see if I can post pictures, I haven't done it before. I would not go up to the ceiling, I also think it highlights odd angles etc. here's some options:

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I like the picture right above. The crown moulding connecting above the hood looks great and is a natural place to stop the tile. Don't really like it going all the way to the ceiling.

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Thanks for the workshops momof3kids_pa, that's a great job. I think I would prefer not having the crown extending across in order to maximize the vertical openness of the vaulted ceiling. In fact, when I look at cat_mom's kitchen, I almost wish I didn't get any crown molding at all!

So it comes down to doing the entire wall, or up to the bottom of the hood. I understand both reasonings, so maybe my pocketbook should answer this. :) Then again, it could potentially be WOW the other way. Decisions, decisions. It never ends!

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