Need Help Creating Seashell Backsplash

sirenacOctober 11, 2012

Saw this photo on the net and decided that this was for me. I don't want to do the ENTIRE backsplash with shells. I am getting antique white cabinets and hope to get terracotta colored countertops (Juparana Bordeaux?). I am getting a soft beige tumbled marble backsplash but, instead of a mural behind the stove, I want to make a bordered shell accent (between 18x12 to 24x18 - I have to see when things are in place). I think the colors in the shells will echo the warm brown/terracotta colors in the countertop. I need to know:

How do I go about this? What do I put the shells on? Do I just go for it and lay mastic on the wall and arrange the shells and pebbles there AFTER the tiles and border are up? Do I find a base of some sort (I thought of wood but it might warp). NO idea how to proceed.

ALSO...any ideas how to attach accents or borders to tie this together along the rest of the counter? I'd love to create a 2-3" strip running through the tiles somewhere but - again - no idea what to attach the shells and pebbles to so that I could handle them in rectangular pieces for that kind of a strip running through the tiles or along the base. I hope I'm making this clear!

Help and how-to suggestions most welcome with thanks!

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Here are detailed instructions on how to make a backsplash like the one above. It involved sticking the pebbles and shells to something called Mosaic Mount.

I know that they sell already made sheets of pebbles so maybe to experiment you could buy one of those sheets and then pick out a few pebbles and see if you can substitute your shells. That would save a lot of time if it can be done.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pebble / Shell Backsplash

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Isn't that interesting and beautiful!
I can see why it speaks to you!!

jerzeegirl has a very good idea using the sheets of already mounted pebbles. I can see sticking a shell thru from the back, where it would be a bit under the webbing would make it easier to grout in.

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Thank you both. I'll look around for that Mosaic Mount.

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