Anyone has stained cabinets with paint grade crown molding? Pics?

mudwormOctober 21, 2012

Most kitchens I've seen have the cabinets and crown molding made of the same material. I want to be a little different, but am having self doubt if my idea will work. Can you show me pictures of your kitchen if you have stained cabinets with paint grade molding?

What I have envisioned is this: I'll have the wall and tall cabinets in hickory natural (or one tone darker); the fascia (the piece right above the cabinets, but below the crown molding) in a dark brown color (painted); and then the crown molding will be in white and it will meet the ceiling and go around the entire kitchen. The edge molding will match the fascia color.

Does this sound too much variation?

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Hmmm. Is your ceiling white? Do you have any type of inspiration pic that gave you this idea? I'm having a hard time picturing it.

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I suppose it could work, but I think most people try to make the fascia diappear into either the cabinetry or the ceiling. If they want it to extend the ceiling line they paint it ceiling color and the heavier crown is usually separating the cabinets from the fascia. If they want to extend the eye up, the cabinet color goes up to the ceiling. In what you are describing it sounds like you are trying to make the fascia of visual interest, not to disappear. I think it would be difficult to pull off well and in addition to ceiling color, I think it also depends on widths of the individual components. here is a picture that emphasis the fascia with molding but I think it works in part because of its monochromatic nature.

Eclectic Kitchen design by Toronto Interior Designer Style de Vie Design

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