Need a diversion from kitchens? Bathroom HELP!

blackchamoisOctober 25, 2012

I have a design dilemma and would love to get your feedback ... white vanity or stained?

I am getting closer to finishing up a remodel of my 5'x9' guest bath and I can't decide if I should have the vanity painted white (as was my original plan), or do a stain.

Details so far:

Tub/Shower - White subway tile with border of penny rounds at the top as well as in the niche

Floors- Porcelain tile in a cream/tanish color

Wall Paint - BM Bleeker Beige at 50%

I would like to do a Cararra or Calcutta marble counter (regardless of vanity color)

Vanity will be about 40" wide and have shaker door style

I do love white ... my kitchen cabs will be white shaker, as well as the laundry room cabinets and the linen closet (which is right outside the guest bathroom). However I am wondering if I should warm it up with some wood, or would that make it look less "open"?

I have a hard time photographing the bathroom because it is so small. It is very difficult to get an angle that captures it well. In terms of the layout, the toilet is to the left of the tub, and the vanity will be to the left of the toilet. Door to the bathroom opens in front of the vanity.

I would LOVE to get some advice/suggestions. Thank you!

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As mentioned above, I had planned on having the vanity painted white, in keeping with the white/beige color scheme as in this picture ...

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Since then I have been toying with the idea of doing a stain similar to this picture - still keeping with the white/beige color scheme, but adding the wood tones.

Another option would be to do a white vanity, but do a stain on the mirror frame.

I would LOVE some advice! Thank you!

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I have the same color scheme in my master bath. I love the white/beige combination.
My walls have white painted paneling with a creamy beige paint above and limestone type porcelain tile on floors and shower area. It looks remarkably like the arrangement in your last photo.

My vanity is a warm wood very much like your last photo, and I think it looks elegant. I've had it for about four years and never regretted going with the wood. Sometimes I get frustrated with powder getting all over the vanity, which wouldn't show as much with white, but that's very minor.

You can't go wrong with white, but I like the warmth of the stained vanity.

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I am in a similar situation as you, and have decided to go with the darker stained cabinets in the guest bath just to provide some change from the white kitchen. Also, he darker woods seems a bit richer and "boutique-hotel" like to me, for some reason.

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Agree - wood for a guest bath. It's more elegant. Love your bath so far!

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Agree, love the stain with your elements.

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Another vote for stained wood!

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I love white cabinets, but a warm shade of wood would be beautiful here and probably more durable. Can I see another shot of your shower that shows the penny rounds at the top?

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I love the second photo, so I'd say stained vanity. The look is very warm, yet still light and bright.

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Thank you ALL for the feedback!

fredanj - I would love to see a picture of your bathroom if you wouldn't mind posting one.

legallin - My thoughts too in terms of a change from the white kitchen. The door style will be the same in both kithen and bathrom so I guess that still ties it together.

phylhl - Thank you. I only hope it looks as elegant as that second photo. My style is somewhat casual but I do like a little bling here and there.

island - here is a picture of the pennies at the top. My ceilings are 8'11" and I took the shower tile all the way up. Above the row of pennies (against the ceiling) is a chair rail/crown molding, and right underneath the row of pennnies is a pencil. I am sort of now wishing I had painted the ceiling in a reduced shade of the wall paint as it is hard to see the pretty white crown tile molding against the white ceiling.

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island - here is a close-up shot. Not the best as it's taken from my iPhone.

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Here is my vanity STYLE - if you can imagine this cut in half. So two doors with a wide drawer at the bottom, and furniture style legs. The vanity will be about 40" wide - a little larger than my original which was a standard 36".

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And finally, just for perspective, a picture from the hall.

The vanity there now is just a temporary one that the contractor installed. Still need base boards, mirror, possibly a picture or shelves above the toilet, rugs, and all the little pretties. And of course the final vanity.

Any accessorizing tips appreciated too!!! :)

Oh and the doors propped up there are the stains I am considering. I think I like the one on the left the best.

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It's difficult to get good photos of my bathroom, because it's small, but here goes. The wall color looks yellow on my monitor, but it's really very beige.

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fredanj - So pretty! I love all the molding detail and the wall mounted faucet! What color is your paint, btw? Mine does not photograph accurately either.

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BlackChamois - there was a recent post on bathroom where the person gel stained the cabs and it was awesome!

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Thanks, BlackChamois. The wall color in my bathroom is BM Sea Urchin.

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