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caben15October 6, 2013

Hello Kitchens Forum,

I'm in the process of tweaking my kitchen cabinets and layout. The design has two walls of cabinetry (one with a wall oven and storage cabinets, and another with the cleanup sink, dishwasher, and a 36" counter-depth refrigerator), as well as a 12x5' island, with the range centered. This image shows what the current layout looks like:

It's been of growing concern to me that the 36" fridge may not be enough space. In a past house I had a 48" counter-depth fridge and the freezer space was minimal and the fridge a little tight. This was before we had children. Now we have a little one, and eventually there will be more mouths to feed. I had figured we could have a fridge in the garage (about 20 feet away), but having to run out and get something from the garage is a bad failure mode, especially given the size of house (~5000sqft).

Due to some complexity of design (it's a remodel), I can't use any fridge wider than 36" on the sink wall. So if I wanted a larger fridge I'd have to switch the fridge with the wall oven on the other wall. I mocked this option up using a 24" integrated freezer and a 36" integrated fridge unit (both counter depth):

The downside of this is that my tight work triangle seems to be compromised.

What are your opinions? Am I missing anything? Am I overthinking this?


- I've pondered variants of keeping the current 36" and adding some fridge/freezer drawers, but this has been more disruptive to my cabinetry so I don't think that'll work.
- I've also pondered door swings on the integrated fridge/freezer in my second mockup above. I'm now wondering if I should reverse the swing of the fridge/freezer from what's shown, to make the fridge easier to access from the prep zone.

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layout 2 : since the freezer is an all separate unit, I would place on far left side of that wall, hinged on left and filler at end,so that the door opens properly.It's only going to be a couple steps away from fridge and it's going to be a separate maneuver to open and negotiate thru to get your items anyway. Then place fridge...[of size of your choosing] so you have some counter to the right-even just 15 or 18 inches. Undo the vertical stack for ovens...keep mwave or oven below the counter there and place the remaining of the 2 units under counter between fridge and freezer.These changes will undo the kind of blockages/or barriers of the side walls of the vertical appliance stacks when coming thru the passages in that corner which would benefit your plan.

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the other thing to consider is to place vertical appliances[ALL] on left or non window wall. that would create a wall of very little or no counter but you would have the 5 ft side of island to pivot toward and All counter flanking window wall.Might be worth this approach.Much discussion can be had of island and cooktop setup-the mass-the venting-but you're not on that topic,so,pass. It's very definitely an island dominant plan.....banking up the side wall with the appliance cluster might open up the window wall for a better backdrop visually to the island....with counter/backsplash/light/glass doors/etc.

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