Which granite -ivory gold/kashmir white- opinion please...

sethuvsOctober 14, 2012

Trying to decide between ivory gold and kashmir white granite. Cabinet color is espresso. The ivory gold has a light brown or gold shade to it; whereas kashmir white has a grayish tone and is a little lighter. Our kitchen is not too big. I initially had decided on ivory gold, but now i am wondering if there will be too much brown in the small kitchen. The paint color will most likely have to be creamish to go with the ivory gold and espresso cabinets. If we go with kashmir white, then it may provide better contrast between cabinet color and countertop color. Paint color in that case could be in the shade of gray or green. Any suggestions and opinions will be much appreciated.


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I would do some research on the Kashmir White. I think it is more delicate and more prone to staining than the other Kashmirs. (A friend has the grey and it is durable)
I am not sure of the ivory gold. Again do your research.
Think ahead to the backsplash. Although I think either choice could be fine, so many of us get frustrated when it comes time to picking the backsplash. For me, when I went around looking at tiles, a sales woman explained that this is often what happens when you don't think about the three steps together. The cabinet color, the counter an the backsplash.
Many people here have beautiful kitchens and picking the backsplash wasn't a problem. But,when it is it is very time consuming and frustrating. Just a thought.

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can you post a photo of the actual slabs? I googled them but wow what a range of colors and patterns on the ivory gold. Some even look pink online. Kashmir white is a safe bet with espresso and the grays in it would complement the dark color and I like that it is lighter and a bit more flexible for you in the future. But would still like to see a photo of the slabs you have in mind : )

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I also considered the ivory before deciding on the Kashmir white. (I have natural cherry and white cabinets.) I think that either color would look lovely with the espresso cabinets, but I think it depends more on the look you're going for. The white will give you a cooler, contemporary look compared to the gold.

Ellendi has excellent advice about considering the backsplah. I think if you bring a cabinet sample and match it to the slab along with some backsplash options you'll have an easier time deciding on a comprehensive look.

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