Slow Progress On Remodel

wobbly1905October 14, 2012

It's been two weeks since the contractor started our kitchen remodel. Things started getting complicated when the existing soffits were found to be lath and plaster instead of sheetrock. When they were removed, it was found that there's no finished wall behind them. In addition there was a rat's nest of wiring which had been run in the soffits and which had to be relocated so that new sheetrock can be installed.

The contractor installed zippered plastic in the doorways to contain the dust, but when the floor was removed all sorts of debris came down into the basement where our washer and dryer are located. I stapled a tarp to the basement ceiling to catch the larger stuff. Removing the flagstone entry was a big messy job since the stone was embedded in concrete poured over the framing. We had to rig a gangplank for our old blind cat to negotiate on her way to her relocated food in the basement.

After the kitchen ceiling was removed, most of the ceiling insulation has fallen down.

Several tons of debris have been taken to the municipal "transfer station" where a princely sum is transferred to the dumpmeisters for each load.

Our new 3 unit window with internal blinds is in, though. Tomorrow, Sunday, the electrician is coming back to get all his work done before the drywall contractor appears.

The remodel contract has fixed prices for the cabinet fabrication, the tile flooring, and the granite tile counter top. We purchased the sink and faucet, the new refrigerator, the hood and remote fan, new over-counter microwave, the LED can lights and LED under-cabinet lights.

Our dishwasher and range are being reused since they are less than a year old. All other work is on a time and material basis. The hourly labor charge is quite reasonable, but the hours are mounting up. I've been a gopher for the electrician and wired some of the junction boxes for the relocated wires. I also re-piped the natural gas supply and replaced the existing CPVC water pipes with PEX.

They are going to love me at the box store when I bring back the electrical and plumbing material which we didn't use. I may do it in stages so as to spread the irritation among several "associates".

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Just take back all the stuff at once. It will save you time and money. At our local big boxes the workers at the return counter could care less if you are returning items.

Sounds like you are making progress.

Good luck!

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dumpmeisters LOL!

For those of you who haven't ever visited a transfer station and/or the actual dump, you should go sometime. Very educational. Makes you rethink the whole global trash situation.

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Good goin', Wobbly. (That all sounds sooooo familiar to me! Right down to stapling a tarp to the basement ceiling, which is where I relocated our temporary kitchen. )

I agree with Debrak: just take it all back at once. At HD, at least, you don't even need to know which item belongs with which receipt. They scan all the items and all the receipts at once.

You sound like you are well on your way. Good luck.

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I wish we'd thought to staple a tarp to the basement ceiling. I imagine we will be finding plaster dust and chunks for many years to come! We are DIYing it and every step is taking longer than we thought. But the walls are ready to be painted and flooring will start being laid by the end of the week, so progress is being made. It just seems to be so slow, so I can sympathize with you. Hopefully, by Christmas it will all be a (not to distant) memory.

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