Help space between top cabinets and ceiling

robinleOctober 2, 2013

There is space between the top cabinets and the ceiling. The GC put the cabinets level but the ceiling is not level. He could not put them all the way to the ceiling because then the doors would not open. We can not lower the cabinets. He said he does not know of a way to attach trim to them. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to make them look better. I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you.

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The GC should have attached wood blocks to the top of the cabinets. Then he would be able to attach trim. Our ceiling is not level but we still got trim.

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Blocking can be put on top of the cabinets and moulding can be attached to that.

Or blocking could be put on top of the cabinets and a piece of filler scribed to fit the space.

This is actually pretty standard procedure.

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Im not sure how my contractor did it, but I doubt there is such a thing as perfectly level walls or is a picture of mine...hope it helps.

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Hire a smarter GC.

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Sophie Wheeler

Attach blocking to the cabinets from the interior, and then some type of molding can be attached to it. Since the ceiling is so out of level, I'd suggest using a straight filler to attach to the blocking, and then do a trim piece that floats up or down the filler, to disguise the out of level ceiling.

This IS fairly standard for a cabinet installer to do. Perhaps you're not dealing with an experienced cabinet installer here. I'd definitely say so, since it doesn't look like he took into account the needed trim around the window either. Or the position of the recessed light that may possibly interfere with a crown with any projection. And what's with the handles on the opposite sides of the doors on the cabinet next to the oven? I this his first rodeo? Maybe he should be paying you for the education it's providing him!

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I agree with Hollysprings. You have a contractor problem, not a trim problem. I'm so sorry!

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Um, your contractor sounds very inexperienced. Of course you can add trim, just as described in above posts.

I would be wary of this guy...

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Agree with the others that the problem is with your GC. Nobody's ceiling is level, even new construction. It is Cabinet Installation 101 to install ceiling-height cabinets with an out-of-level ceiling. Either your GC is working on his very first cabinet install with your kitchen, or he is lazy and doesn't feel like making the effort for your cabinets to look right. Either way, I'd ditch him. You need to be thinking about what else he has done or is going to do improperly in your kitchen.

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This is really sad. Anyone who can't figure out how to attach trim to the top of cabinets should not be calling himself a general contractor. Is he actually licensed as one??

But you didn't say whether or not you purchased any trim to go on the top of your cabinets. He couldn't install what you didn't have. But he should have advised you to order trim, and then prepared the cabinets for its eventual installation by installing the blocking before the cabinets went up on the walls.

Ideally, the "blocks" would be installed to the top of the cabinets before they are installed. That way, there would be no nail holes to patch on the finished side of your cabinets. I guess they could still be installed after the fact, by sliding them in sideways, then standing them up and attaching them with finish nails and patching the holes. Then the trim would be attached to those blocks.

That your GC would just leave your cabinets in that condition, saying that he didn't know how to fix them ... that's just dumb.

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Thank you for your help. I have given the information to my husband so he can talk to the GC about the trim. I will be out of town for Parents Weekend. The cabinets were purchased used, so that has made it more difficult. We are going to be changing the handles on the cabinet. We probably have to add two more to even it out. It was the cabinet that goes over a refrigerator turned sideways.
We agree he should have known how to attach the trim. He remodeled my brothers condo 2 years ago and put up beautiful molding above the cabinets. I was surprised when he said he couldn't put any trim up on this kitchen's cabinets. Thank you again for your help. We are so close to being down. I will post pictures when it is done.

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