Please tear apart my kitchen design :)

pdx7700October 7, 2013

This is a complete gut and remodel. The limitations are: we cannot move any walls or windows that you see in the pictures. The fridge also needs to stay where it is. Other than that, plumbing, electrical are up for grabs.

The long wall (with the range) is 16'6" long. The wall with the sink is 10'6". The island is 7' by 3'6".

The range and hood pictured is 30", but we are going with a 36" range.

There is a pantry kitty-corner from the island, around the corner from the fridge. There is a microwave space on the island, across from the range.

I have a family of four. We cook dinner 5-6 nights a week, and make a lot of food at home. We don't do much baking.

My questions:
1. I was thinking of putting a prep sink on the fridge side of the range. Can it be at the end of the counter? Or should it be on the island? (I somewhat prefer a bare island....but could be convinced otherwise)

2. Since the hood shown will be wider by 6 inches, the cabinets on each side of the hood will need to shrink. Should I still have two cabinets on each side of the hood, or just do one bigger one on each side?

3. We are considering doing a second dishwasher. There isn't a great spot for one. If we move the main sink down (to be very un-centered with the window) we could get a slim dishwasher to the right of the sink. Or maybe we could put it in the island? Or maybe near the prep sink?

4. The current trash/recycle bin is next to the dishwasher. I think that we will make more trash on the other side of the kitchen. The rest of my family is very challenged about getting the trash into the can. Where is the best spot for the trash/recycle cabinet?

Any all other critiques and comments are welcome. Thank you so much!

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I love all the light you'll get through those windows! Looks like it will be a beautiful kitchen.

Yes, to one large cabinet on either side of the hood vs two small cabinets.

Can you post a drawing with dimensions? The experts will want to see how much space you have between all your walkways, etc. The drawing can be on graph paper, just need to show the distances.

Also, if you want advice on how the space flows with the adjoining rooms, draw those as well.

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No expert here but I can give my 2 cents.

Depending on how bad you want 2 DW, I believe you could move your sink base to the left 15". You would still need a 3" cabinet or side for the DW. Though it would be off centered, depending if your sink is undermount and how "showy" you faucet it might be something you can live with. Also though you can't move the window, if you had it partitioned into 3 windows instead of the picture window that might help too.

I'm not one for prep sink, but one on the very right under the window seems like a prime spot for it.

You could put the trash/recycling in the island perhaps (nearest to the frig end).

I second 1 larger cabinet instead of 2 smaller ones.

Overall great job IMO!

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Hi, Rebecca. Your design is very charming. I love what setting the window on one wall low and the others higher does for each wall. It's going to look wonderful.

Since I'm not one of the hawkeyes who catch measurement issues, speaking from my experience with my own, similar kitchen,

1. I'm guessing that putting a prep sink in the right corner would make such a terrifically efficient and pleasant prep area between stove and refrigerator that you could keep it bare and beautiful a good part of the time.
If you put it on the island to make that your main prep area, I think I'd put it on the left side of the island as shown so the area opposite the stove and on the right side was open counter for working, with landing area on the right end from the refrigerator and pantry. (BTW, where IS food storage?)

Note that this last is my setup and if you're at all like me you'll usually be cleaning up two counters -- island where you start and to right of stove as you continue over there. Could right of stove be your main prep for most daily cooking tasks, or do you want to typically work facing family?

Also note that I never did get around to installing my prep sink in the island (it's waiting in the basement) and my island is very heavily used anyway. Thus, although I think putting a prep sink in the corner would make that an extremely workable prep area, it should not keep you from working at the island all you chose.

2. Agree with one cabinet on each side of the hood, set away from it to give it some visual breathing room.

It's good that the hood'll be 6" larger, and it might even be a somewhat larger still, for both visual and venting purposes. Check the specs for venting. Visually speaking, IMO my 42" hood over a 36" stove flanked by some 32" double-hung windows is barely large enough to not look small. It's wood built on a relatively light scale as I didn't want a big, massive look, and I thought it would look larger than it does. (At that, it has more visual mass than a lightweight metal one would have.)

4. Assuming a garbage disposal, I'd prefer the trash at the main prep area, since that's where almost all mine is developed. Recycling could go near the outside, such on as the cleanup end of the island, where family could get at it easily.

Since it's so nice to just briskly sweep mess into it, if you prep to the right of the stove I think I'd really want the indulgence of a cook's trash there, with a second receptacle for family at the cleanup end of the island, along with the recycling.

If you prep on the island, maybe one trash on the inside of the island but at the left end so it's convenient to the cleanup area too?

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Where do you plan to keep the dishes? Do the cabinets right by the DW accommodate all the dishes, glasses, and silverware? If not, you could include dish drawers in the island.

Wonderful windows! What a joy it will be to cook in there :) You will want to keep them sparkling, so include space for a stepstool so you can reach them with a cloth.

Put up an overhead view with dimensions; it's easier to see flow.

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1- I'd prefer to have the sink and the range on the same counter with around 48" in between. But I can't tell from the drawings if that would put you right in front of the fridge or not.

2- Bigger ones on each side.

3- I think I'd like both DW in the same area, otherwise I guess one would easily end up with 2 half full DWs. Moving the main sink to the right and having both DWs on the left might be another option. One or both could have panelled fronts.

4- Trash could be on the island. If you have the prep sink on the perimeter, the cab nearest the fridge, if the sink is on the island, cab at the other end near the main sink.

I think you need to check your aisles. Experts would give much better advice when you post your dimensions as Cindy suggested.

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I only have a few moments, but here is my attempt at showing you a floor plan. It looks like a mess, since the demo plans are super-imposed. Hopefully this will help! I'll be back later. Thank you!

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Here is a cleaner picture, although there aren't any measurements.

This picture also shows only 30" for the range, but we will be doing 36".

Thanks for the input so far! This has been very helpful.
I planned on putting everyday dishes and silverware in the drawers to the left of the range since that is closest to the dishwasher. To the right of the range would be larger and less frequently used items (pots, pans, baking sheets). Does that make sense for clean-up and work flow?

Thanks for the thoughts on the possible 2nd dishwasher. I agree that shifting the sink off-center and putting the second one there make the most sense...but I do love that symmetry. What about putting it at the prep sink (either on the perimeter or island). Would that be a big compromise for work-flow?

Thank you for the compliments! My architect designed the windows. It gives me something to look foward to when this huge project is done.

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My kitchen has a similar layout (in regards to fridge, cooktop and cleanup sink locations.) Our prep sink is in the island, although I wish I had enough room to put it where you are considering yours..... between cooktop and fridge. It would be more convenient when transferring prepped ingredients to the cooktop and more convenient to have an entire island counter to use.

Our trash is a large cabinet on an end of the island. It opens on two sides. So, in our case, the trash is located between the two sinks. Someone at the cleanup sink can open the trash area from their side, while someone at the prep sink or cooktop can open from their side as well. Consider that if your heart isn't set on a pull out trash.

I would suggest, at least, that your trash is located in the island. In your kitchen, I would want placement to be on the pantry/fridge side of the island. Most of our trash is generated from unpacking pantry/fridge items and/or prepping. If your prep sink and fridge/pantry are on the same side of your kitchen, I would definitely put the trash there...

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If I'm not mistaken the aisle dimensions given in the drawing are not from edge to edge. So the 3' 8" in front of the main sink will actually be 3' 5" if counter over hangs are 1.5" on the sink wall and the island. When DW door is open it would be quite tight imo. Maybe you should consider a smaller island.

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I have a similar layout and I like it. I would try to do a trash - sink - dw setup so for clean up, a person cast and at sink, scrape dishes into trash, and fill dw. Might not be as important if you have a garbage disposal.

Also, your island will be the landing zone for fridge.

I like to prep at island and I have my prep sink on island. It's more social than prepping on the range wall as you show. Personal decision.

Good luck.

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