What size is your garden window? Is 24 inches too deep?

williamsemOctober 30, 2012

I may be able to get a garden window at a reduced price. The catch is it's not custom, it was made to go into a display that was never assembled. Before I go negotiate, I need to see if the size is reasonable.

It's 38 high by 40 wide by 24 deep. The 40 inches I think works well for me. Is 24 inches deep a lot? It sounds very deep, but I can't seem to find pictures that give dimensions since they are often custom.

What are the dimensions of YOUR garden window? Would 24 inches seem like a lot or just right?

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It depends on where the window will be placed. If on a wall with no cabinets 24" is okay. However, if behind the sink how will you reach the back of the window to open or clean?

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It will be behind the sink. I have seen some nice ones on here that look pretty deep, but hard to tell in pics!

Also, if anyone in the Albany area is interested, they have two of these. Might be able to get a better price if they both go at the same time, we can negotiate together. Right now it's just money tied up in product they can't use!

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Mine is behind the sink - I think it is 20 inches deep - at least that is what the seat is. The side windows open, so depth not critical.

If I had found GW first, I would have put a counter height bay vs the garden window - but I do like it anyway.

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