Tubular Bar Pull Owners

sjerinOctober 20, 2012

If you have the sort that extend beyond the perpendicular piece, can you tell me whether you ever catch your clothes (or anything else) on them? Dh loves them, I'm so-so but would be ok with them, as long as they don't do the above. TIA.

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I have them in a kitchenette in the basement, and have caught my clothing on them a lot on the horizontal drawer pulls. If you install them you will do it too. In the kitchen we opted for ones without the "clothes catchers" and are glad.

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Thanks very much for letting me know, Kris. You've kept us from making a mistake!

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We have them and I've caught my clothes once in almost two years.

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We have them and it hasn't been an issue at all. But we have really, really long ones. On the drawers they take up probably 80% of the face of the drawer, so it would be really hard to catch your clothes on them. I suspect if you get smaller ones it might be more of an issue on your top drawers.

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Not my clothes, but I do get the cable on my iPod caught all the time . . .

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I read many comments here about the "clothes catchers." DH fell in love with them and that's what we ended up using. We have a number of sizes, using the one third rule, so lower drawers have longer pulls installed horizontally. We only have a couple of lower doors, no issue there either. Not a problem so far with clothes catching.

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