old fashioned in-the-wall exhaust fans?

melissastarOctober 5, 2013

The kitchen in my childhood home had one of these, and I never thought I'd want one. It leaked cold air in the winter and was always filthy (blame Mom for her lousy housekeeping!).

But, I'm wondering if anyone has more modern experince with one and if there's some better way to block the cold air in winter than stuffing them with insulation?

Because I've got a bathroom addition in the works and it occurs to me that one of those exhaust fans might be the solution to what will otherwise be an expensive AC/cooling issue. I know, this isn't a kitchen issue...but I know if anyone has experience with those fans, it'll be someone on this forum!

The new bathroom will connect to a guest bedroom and the existing AC flexible "pipes"...are NOT going to make it to the new bath. I'd have to cut through all the joists in the bedroom ceiling and rip it wide open to get them from the side of the room where they now terminate to the side that adjoins the new bathroom. And in a 100-year-old house, that would be a really, really not-fun project.

But...the bedroom gets quite cool now from the AC vents there and the bathroom isn't going to be large and not often used. I'm wondering if I just got a pretty good exhaust fan in there (better than your usual light/fan combo, that is) it would suck the cool air from the bedroom right in there when needed.

The bathroom will have a bit of a vintage look, so one of those in the wall gizmos would be a rather quaint touch. I'm assuming you can still buy them somewhere? And maybe, they've got some sort of baffles and built in insulation now that would help with the freezing cold air leaks in the winter?

Think it will work?

But since that bedroom gets pretty cool right

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Maybe what you want is a room-to-room fan

Here is a link that might be useful: Broan Utility fans

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You might be required by code to install a bath fan.

A bath exhaust fan should not be connected to your HVAC system. It would vent right through the roof or into the attic. The vent duct should have a damper system to keep out outside air.

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Unless there is a window you would be required in most locales, to put in an exhaust fan, yes. But I wouldn't depend on the exhaust fan alone to draw air into the room if that's what you want. That's why I thought of the room-to-room (in addition to an exhaust).

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Hmmmm a room-to-room fan. Never thought of that! In fact, I've never heard of it...but it makes sense. Only place it could possibly go, however, is above the door, where I had hoped to put in an operating transom window to let in more light and help air to flow from bedroom to bath. Will have to figure out which I need more...the room to room fan or the transom! The bath room will have windows as well.

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Lopay....I didn't mean to connect the exhaust fan to the AC system. Only to use it to exhaust hot, humid air from the bathroom to the outside. Presumably though, make-up air needs to come from somewhere and it would hopefully come from the nice air conditioned bedroom, thus cooling the bathroom off a bit too.

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I have a completely different issue but someone in the heat/ air cond forum, just recommended that I look into a tjernlund airshare. I will try to add a link below, but not sure if I can get my phone to post right. It sounds like what you need also though.

Here is a link that might be useful: airshare

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