Interpreting sq ft discrepency on two different quotes

CT_NewbieOctober 12, 2013

Hi! I received one quote for the perimeter which listed 61 sq feet and another which listed it at 66 sq ft. Should I just look at the bottom line to compare? I also have cost per sq foot however, one company took the approach of adding a bunch of line items and giving a discount at the end and the other just left out certain extras. They both come out to about the same

I'm worried that the guy with the smaller sq ft listed might not have allowed for enough and will either try to charge me more after the job is done, saying it took more sq ft or he will end up skimping on the counter. They are standard 24" with a 1" overhang, right? Do you think he missed a small piece on the wall that had the stove and refrigerator which is probably 4 sq ft? Or is it the guy with the larger # just giving himself a larger margin of error? The sq ft cost is high so I'm wondering how to handle these #s?


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I'd check to see that the smaller quote covers everything to be sure. If the contract says "up to 61SF" that's what you're getting, not an inch more.

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This is a fairly easy calculation for you to do to double check.* It's likely that the larger estimate is just covering his bases so that he doesn't have to come back later and and say, "Oh, gee, you know that 62.5 sq ft I said? Well, it's really 64 sq. ft. Sorry about that. That will up the price $x." Ouch. In the end either fabricator will measure accurately at template and know exactly how many square feet. If the contract is per sq. ft., then the final price will be based on what they actually measure and cut, not the original estimate. I know our original quote was based on our measurements, but the final contract was based on theirs. Actually, they were the same, but you can see how we might have not gotten it quite right.

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Thank you both! Will do.

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