Leather Taj Mahal granite?

cakers795October 30, 2013

We are in the process of building a new home and are in the midst of choosing our kitchen counter tops. I fell in LOVE with a particular leather taj mahal granite slab that would be perfect for our kitchen island. And pairs perfectly with our backsplash.

HOWEVER, I'm really worried that it will easily stain. Not so worried about etching. But we do cook a lot, and are messy cooks. I read that red wine, tomato sauce (anything red, really) will permanently stain the porous surface. I also read that it needs to be sealed every 6 months?? In our current home we have white cesarstone countertops that are bullet proof. We're constantly spilling all sorts of foods (including red sauces, etc) and they have never stained. Easily wipes up!

Does the porous surface of the leather finish make the granite more fragile / susceptible to staining?

Any input greatly appreciated!!

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I don't know about Taj Mahal, but I have Green Ocean Leathered and, so far, it has been impervious to anything that has been left on it including red wine and lemon juice. It has been installed about a year, I haven't sealed it and, unless it was sealed by the fabricator when it was still in the shop, it is naked. This may by more a characteristic of the stone than whether it is leathered or not.
It would be a good idea to get a sample and do some testing before committing to it. Taj Mahal is a lovely stone.

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Yup, you'll need a sample so you can test it for yourself. There is too much variation in names and rock types to just go by what you might read or hear.

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Taj Mahal (Perla Madre) was considered a quartzite when I was looking. Only saw it polished.

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My Madre Perla Quartzite is brushed, which is very similar to leathered. No staining issues and I have come home to find sliced drippy pomegranates sitting in a pile.
When I was picking my stone I was given a square in the brushed finish, also sealed, so that I could experiment and feel comfortable with exactly what I was getting. I left mustard , pickle juice, red wine and coffee grounds on the sample over night no problems.

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Thank you so much for the great advice!! I went to the tile store yesterday, picked up a sample of the taj mahal and spent the day testing. Happy to report nothing stained it! We tried red wine, ketchup, mustard, tomato sauce and oil. Left each one on for an hour or so and then wiped it off. Everything wiped off easily and didn't leave any stains or residue. So happy we'll be able to go with our first choice :)

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Just wondering how caker's satin Taj Mahal was holding up? I'm wondering if the extra cost for the satin finish is worth it. My fabricator's supplier charges more for the satin finish.

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We haven't installed it yet - we're still under construction. However, I was assured by several people that it would hold up as well as polished granites.

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