Please help choose new faucet! (x-post)

anele_gwOctober 11, 2013

Hello! This is my first time here, but I am not new to GW. I am calling on the kitchen experts for help.

Irrelevant Background
The PO put in cheap fixtures-- we found out the ones from the bathroom are from ALDI. Did you know they even sold them? I have not been there, so I did not.

More Relevant Background
I digress. So, the faucet popped up, spurting water everywhere. DH fixed it. Happened again yesterday, so DH hurriedly went to HD (ha, ha, DH/HD) and bought one in 20 minutes. (I had a screaming baby on my lap at home!)

The Problem
As you can see, this sucker is HUGE. I do not feel the scale is correct at all. The problem is, the main/big sink is on the left, far from the faucet, which must be installed over the small sink on the right (three holes there). So, we need a faucet long enough to the left sink. The previous one was teeny and a pain. We are not changing the sink at this time.

My Plea for Help
-The new one, in the pic, is about 15.5 inches tall.
-I would prefer ORB.
-Want to spend no more than $300.
-I do a LOT of dishes. The new one is very wonderfully functional, but so darn huge.



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i responded on the other thread, but switch out the sink for a single bowl. it will be a lot more functional, and you'll have a wider range of faucets to choose from. GL.

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