Prep Sink--Garbage Disposal?

sunnyinseattleOctober 30, 2012

We're redoing our kitchen and adding a prep sink (the largest that we can find that will fit in an 18" cabinet). My question is, does it make sense to add a garbage disposal? My budget is tight, but if people have found it worth it, I'll try to eliminate something else to accommodate.


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I put GDs on both my prep and cleanup sinks and am happy I did. Now that I have experience with a prep sink, I'd choose to put a GD on the prep sink if I HAD to choose one or the other sink. I compost bones, meat, paper towels/napkins, veg, and fruit. Still, little bits of stuff are always finding their way in my sink. I really don't have the patience to dig them out of a little basket on the drain.

I don't know what our budget is or what other work you're doing so I can't comment if it's worth dropping something else from the plan in order to get the GD. Do you have one on your other sink? Do you use it often? For what do you use it? Prep? Cleanup?

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I originally wasn't planning on doing two but after reading comments on GW I decided to. I am glad I did. Yes, you could just pull out the little pieces of odds and ends out of either sink but it is so nice to just spray everything down the drain - and not have to worry about clogging up pipes (one plumber bill from a backed-up drain could pay for a GD).
I would say it also depends on who uses your kitchen. You can train your family well but if you have frequent guests, especially kid's friends, you may have more problems trying to keep food particles out of certain sinks.

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Although many of the functional upgrades that make a kitchen a better place to work cost $$$, upgrading to include a disposal on the prep sink is a minor expense, I think mine was only about $150 (from Amazon, I think), definitely cut somewhere else to add this functional gem -- you will not be sorry you put it in and will find yourself using it constantly. I'd also highly recommend springing for the $55 counter top air switch for the disposal as well. I love, love, love being able to just press a button on the counter with no worries about wet hands whenever I want to use it. Together those are probably the best $200 I spent on the reno. Really.

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Agree with all the above, put it in the prep sink for sure. It's even more important there than in the cleanup sink. And ditto re. springing for the countertop air switch, it's worth every penny.

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Thanks to all for the great advice. I've decided to go ahead and put in a GD. Wow! Didn't even know what an air switch was---that's a great idea!

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I did it and I love it. And an airswitch in each as well. A small splurge, well worth it!

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