What type of contractor do I use for this?

chaimberbellOctober 16, 2013

I usually just read GW but I'm getting desperate so I finally signed up to post!

We're in the middle of a small kitchen reno and we tried going with a small general contractor to complete everything. Live and learn, next time I'll spend the extra money for a better, more skilled contractor. I pretty much paid them to leave.

Anyway, we now have a GE 42" custom insert vent hood that sounds like a small airplane when it's on LOW (crummy install, which I know after researching here), and a wood vent hood that looks like a kindergarden shop-class completed it. The whole hood needs redone. And a "missing" regulator to the cooktop, but that's another story.

I know I called the wrong people the first time, but who do I call to fix this? Most remodeling companies only do bigger jobs and apparently the economy here is booming because not many even call me back. Do I call another general contractor? A cabinet person? A handyman? Google and DIY it until it looks good? I'm decently good with google and woodworking but also willing to pay someone to do it right. Still deciding.

Thanks in advance!

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I've bailed out other contractors. I'm so confident you'll love it, I'll start work for no money down. I suggest you get a guy with the same attitude. This is not an ad.

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Sophie Wheeler

Call a custom cabinet shop. They are used to creating hoods and matching them with inserts.

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"I've bailed out other contractors. I'm so confident you'll love it, I'll start work for no money down."

This is the kind of attitude that I would avoid in hiring a contractor. Anyone who comes in acting like they're "all that" usually isn't.

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