Kitchen Resource Direct?

raee_gwOctober 24, 2012

Hi, I've been researching different cabinets sources, and while strongly considering CliqStudios, I came across Kitchen Resource Direct which has the Deerfield cabinet line (shipped assembled). Prices seem comparable to Cliq, there seems to be a little bit more flexibility in width choices, and they are made in the USA. Has anyone ever heard of them, or have any experience with?

I am still wavering between ordering online cabinets or having a local cabinetmaker. Ordering would save me about $1000. I still need to settle on a contractor to handle things like installation (if I order) plus the other aspects of the remodel like wall repair, coordination of floor, electric etc.

I feel a bit overwhelmed by the decisions!

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nobody at all familiar with this company?

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I'm also looking for reviews of them. We ordered a sample door and it came quickly with very professional packing and paperwork if that is any help. THey also have no BBB complaints.

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How was the door quality? Was it a painted finish?

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Stained finish, with darker stain in the recesses. We ended up ordering our cabinets from them and installed last week. Delivery took a week longer then expected and didn't feel like we had the greatest communication once they shipped as to when they would be delivered BUT that could have been DH's fault. I left all that up to him as I was very busy at work the past month and he is not the best at communication!!
Very happy with the cabinets. Made a mistake and should have added an upper in my original order so now need to order one more upper and am choking on the shipping cost (was free first order).
Going to pick out granite this afternoon and will post pics when all done. (Actually figured out how to post one now so did)

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Thanks for the update--love your floor/ceiling!

I ordered a sample too, but wasn't impressed with the finish although the construction seemed okay. It was a painted door and the finish was rather rough to the touch with visible tiny bubbles in the paint. Have been debating whether to take a chance anyway, for the sake of saving $$.
Haven't yet called them to inquire about the defects in the sample -- just think if they think that is good enough to send out as an example of their work, then most likely the actual product will have similar flaws in the finish.

The CliqStudios samples, on the other hand, were perfect.

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Another update, we just noticed the other day that one drawer front is wrong, the larger bottom drawer is flat rather than raised. You can see the flat one in this pic and a bit of the correct raised style next to it. We called Friday and after sending a picture they are sending a replacement. DH talked to them so don't know how long they said it would take, hope it is quick!

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I did speak to someone there about what I consider flaws in the sample finish. He said that I had to account for the fact that wood will have flaws, but I pointed out to him that it is a painted finish, other samples from other companies are glass smooth, and this looks/feels like either poor sanding, poor cleanup after sanding, and/or poor painting technique (with tiny tiny bubbles along the edge of the inset panel). So he asked me to send the sample back with a post-it pointing out the problem areas. I will do that.

Am I being unreasonably picky about the finish, though? If I were doing the painting, I don't know if I could do better, but I expect better from a factory finish, based on samples I have and what I've seen in the big box stores.

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I don't think you are being too picky! Painted surface should be totally smooth and definitely no bubbles. Will be interesting how they react to the things you point out, hopefully they won't say those are normal.

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Well, if they do, then they have lost the sale!

I would like to use them based on USA manufacture, larger range of sizes and also, I like the antique white color that they have. But, if the finish quality can't match, then too bad, it is Cliq for me.

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I like your granite. What is the name of it? I am also remodeling kitchen now. Just got cabinets unloaded, will get installed after new year.

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The granite is Inca Gold with a leather finish. We saw it in our local stone place (Denali Granite in WA). It must be known as something else since I can't find it via google. It was just installed 2 days ago and we love it! Now to pick a backsplash!

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Just to update, Kitchen Resource Direct did send me a new sample on which the painted finish is much better. Also, I learned that they are not the manufacturer, but the distributor.

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From what I can tell KRD also sells 6 square cabinets as their Sanibel line. They distribute a number of lines from RTA to 6 square to another line. Tried to figure out who makes their Deerfield line and I believe they source the components from Walzcraft, which looks to be a very good cabinet door manufacturer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Walzcraft

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I read all of the reviews for these Deerfield cabinets sold by Kitchen Resource Direct before I bought and all were positive, but now I question who wrote those reviews. I took a leap of faith and purchased these for my kitchen remodel based on these reviews, but probably would have gotten the same or better quality from Ikea or a big box store. Although these could be somewhat modified which is why I chose them, the quality is far from good. All of the cabinets came with slight damage to the outside boxes and quality was lacking; cabinet doors did not close fully, one of the cabinet backs was deeper than the specs causing the skin to bow as it was applied to the back of the cabinet, the drawer boxes were rough and did not appear sanded in many places with chunks missing from the wood, the crown molding was made 1/16" off and the pieces could not be put together around the corners, causing me to have to buy new crown molding from a box store to install instead, one of the drawers came without any soft close hinges installed, which is to be a standard, and any additional shipment of items will cost you big time. Also, when they were delivered, the driver refused to unload the cabinets from the truck, which was supposed to be part of the shipping guarantee, and made my contractor and his team unload his truck, which they did as a favor to me. That was completely embarrassing. The only good thing I can add is these were delivered quickly but that probably is why the quality is lacking. I chose this instead of a higher quality custom cabinet from a reputable online cabinet maker because it was faster and i didnt want to assemble the cabinets, but I should have stuck with my gut and chose quality over cost and time. I cant even say I got a bargain for these cabinets as I easily spent over $15K on these cabinets and think any stock cabinet would have been just as good. Such a shame as the reviews were all positive, and I have never written a review in my life, but felt compelled for this reason to put a review out there that spoke to the real quality.

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Always check local, small places... You can get surprised on the good pricing. My cliq studios sample came with paint runs. In my head if they can't send a good sample what will happen if its a drawer front, door etc. I passed.

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Sophie Wheeler

Import crapola. What do you expect?

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Thanks for posting your reviews of KRD, we looked at them and Cliq, I was surprised at the price when I finally did get a estimate. If I would have been looking to spend 15K -19K I would have just purchased the Showplace cabinets (LOVE THESE) or some other well known brand.
We did not go with Cliq or KRD, I thought they were too expensive. We did go with theRTAstore, after numerous orders of samples, I found a finish that fits my "inspiration" kitchen theme and my budget!! :) I have been beating the heck out of the samples to see how they hold far so good. Spent about the same as I would have at IKEA, so about 1/2 what the other estimates were. DH will need to put the cabinets together, but he does not mind. It can be a painful process picking out cabinets!

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As the OP, I want to say that after doing more research I decided against both Cliq and KRD. I didn't think that KRD had the quality control; and I thought that Ikea, Barker, and Conestoga all offered better value within my budget than Cliq. As many regulars here know, in the end I had my cabinets made by a local cabinet maker who fell in the same price range as Barker would have.

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