Dretutz--OT about your mother

breezygirlSeptember 18, 2011

I remember a thread several weeks ago or more where you mentioned your mother's health declining. I've thought about you often since then and hoped I'd see some sort of small update on how she and you are doing. If you don't mind sharing, I'd love to know. If you're not comfortable saying, I understand. I looked to email you directly, but your email address isn't available on your page.

Take care,


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Bumping in hopes that Dretutz stops by.

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Hi dretutz. I know this thread is very old, but I've seen you posting again lately. (Welcome back, btw!). Thought I'd bump this to see how you and your mom are doing. As I wrote before, feel free to ignore me if this is none of my business. I've just thought about you and her over the months. :)

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bumping for you breezy

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Hope mom is improving.
I am sending you some of the gardenweb energy sent to me when my DH was injured and mom struggling.
I know I appreciated the support!
Take care

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Oh, thanks so much for the loving thoughts. Mom is doing MUCH better despite losing her twin to a stoke on Halloween. It has to be rugged to be one of the last survivors--there were 11 children in her family and she is the last one although early in the birth order.

Mom just takes it one day at a time and is grateful to be able to walk without assistance and have a mind sharp as a tack. It is still lonely to be in the 9th decade of life with most friends and family gone.

I took a bad fall October 27th and am still recovering. Aging is truly a humbling experiene.

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