Miele double ovens clear door knob by only 1/4". Am I in trouble

phiwwySeptember 19, 2012

Uhh ohh - Double ovens installed today. The doors open across this doorway to the garage, a new door. Door lever is not on yet but I measured its depth. The oven door edge will just barely (by 1/4") clear the door lever once it's on the door.

Am I in trouble? Is there a knob that protrudes less than the 2 1/2" that my lever will protrude?

I even went to the Miele showroom to check the oven, because I was concerned about the HANDLE of the oven hitting the door lever. But I did not consider the edge of the oven door. KD put a filler on the side too....

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The door lever is obviously not in yet, but I measured the projection of the lever in relation to the door and the oven door.

One issue is the GC installed the door maybe 1/4 - 1/2" into the room, which was not necessary.

I think I have to search for a knob/lever that does not project as much, or hope the house/walls don't shift or swell.

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I don't have an answer for you regarding projection of other door knobs but I don't think that is your biggest issue. Is that a left-handed door? (in your case, swings inward?).

If so, I'd keep that door locked any time someone is in that corner so as to keep the oven and user safe from being hit by someone blasting through the door and entering the kitchen from the garage.

If I was standing there pulling out a tray of hot something and one of the kids runs in. . . . dinged oven and entry doors at best, injuries at worst.


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Move the door. That's an unsafe location for it and it will also not clear the oven. Also, it doesn't appear to be a fire safe door? That's a requirement for a garage entry door.

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Can you reverse the door so it opens on the other side?

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In my old kitchen, my basement door opened into the space shared by the oven door when oven was open. I had a lock on my basement door and I locked it when I opened the oven. It was a precaution, because with the stairs, I could always hear someone coming up. It worked for me, but clearly its not the best situation.

Where does this door lead? Others above mention garage, but I didn't see you say that. Could you make your door a swinging door that only swings out of the kitchen? Then you would not need a door knob on the kitchen side, you just put a plate on the door. From the other side, you could put a closet dummy knob. This would not be good for security, so if it is in fact a garagae door, it would not be wise.

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Thanks for the thoughts/replies. Yes, this door leads to the garage. It's a new opening, a new door, which opens into the kitchen as you see - and was all
spec'd by the architect. It's a fire-rated door as req'd by code. the garage is for storage only, car won't fit so it won't get a lot of traffic - mainly from the kitchen INTO the garage to dump garbage, etc.

Can't move the door. I chuckled when I read that suggestion, because of what we had to go through to create that opening in the first place! Moving a steel column, plumbing pipes, etc!

Door cannot open into the garage, because the garage door rails are in the way. It's all within code (we consulted the building inspector prior to pulling the trigger) and we knew it would be close. We preferred it open the way it is, rather than open against the ovens (and the fridge will be to the left of the ovens so opening against those appliances was not an option.

So we're left with this door, opening where it is, in this location. I hope I can find a knob that projects less than the lever. But the idea to keep the door locked at all times is an excellent one!

If anyone knows of a low profile door knob, please, do share. thanks.

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"I chuckled when I read that suggestion, because of what we had to go through to create that opening in the first place! Moving a steel column, plumbing pipes, etc! "

Funny - I chuckled when I discovered you and your builder worked hard to create this mess.

Solution to the only problem you think you have - turn it over to the KD to solve and hold back your final payment.

This is exactly what you pay a KD to avoid.

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I'm actually not seeing it as a big mess. The architect spec'd the door and overall layout. We loved the idea of having a door. We knew the ovens would open in front of the door.

Are you referring to the overall design as a mess, or that it's a tight squeeze?

it's not like the KD can slide the run back a foot or even a few inches.

When I tell you I interviewed/worked with 3 different KDs before contracting with one, working on this very area, I would not be exaggerating.

We even entertained the idea of not putting that door in and instead, creating an access panel to toss recyclables, trash, etc but kept coming back to the garage door idea. Even during construction, I am loving the door so I'm not sorry we have it. Just want to figure out the door knob issue...

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What about a handle with a thumb latch? The ones for entry doors would be far too high profile, but I wonder if they might come shallow too.
We're using an antique one for our refrigerator door, that's what made me think of it.
Don't know how modern ones come.

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It clears so it doesn't really matter if it clears by 1/8" or 6", or 60".

Since a car won't go into the garage, could you change the garage door into paired doors or something not requiring the overhead rails at some point and then change the door swing?

Does this door need a lever at all? what if it just had a thumb turn lock on it and a small pull? It's more like a gigantic closet than anything else.

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how about a folding door or a pocket door?

Two things are going to happen: either the oven gets dinged or the door.

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If it clears it clears. Which means it clears. Because it clears. Which means it doesn't hit if the door is kept closed. Because IT CLEARS.

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Thanks all. Definitely cannot change the door. It was a fortune because it's a wood, fire rated door. A pocket door would have been brilliant but I don't know if that would be an option.

I think the best solution would be a lower profile handle. The GC dinged the heck out of the door when he put it in, but at present the oven is pristine. Locking it will have to become a habit, regardless of the knob/lever. I googled "low profile door lever" and found a few options, which turns out they make them for exterior doors which have a storm on the outside. That may be an option in the future. I've already bought the lever, it's not returnable so I think I'll put it in and see how tight it feels once we're living in the space again.

Thanks again -

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Strange weedmeister, beat me to it, I was going to suggest a pocket door too, alto I don't know if you can get one that's fire rated.

At any rate, if you have low oven temperatures, As many have had with the Miele ovens, and so far we have not seen any proof that the problem is fixed, Just leave the garage door unlocked, and the oven doors open, sooner or later the oven doors will get "Guillateened" and you can have your insurance company by you some "Good Ovens", -- Electrolux, of Course!


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Just looking at the picture, I think it clears and you'll be fine.

However, you can always fill the current knob holes w/ epoxy and re-drill them to raise or lower the knob to a level not in conflict with the oven handle. Not a big deal. Re-finishing would be the most time consuming part of the whole deal. A locksmith could change the hardware location in 30 minutes.

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One could also put an "electric latch" system on the door.
Then nothing sticks out, just push a button and the door opens. That same button could be used to "sound an alarm" at the same time it unlatches the door.

Please do report how the Miele ovens work, as we have not seen much info lately, and we , so far, have no way to tell if the problem is fixed or not. Thankx

I'm, not really a Miele hater, I have a Miele Optima Dishwasher and we love it, but On the other hand, I would NOT buy an Electrolux dishwaser---as most do here, we pick and choose the best appliance for the particular task.

Good luck with your door!


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