Owners of frameless full overlay cabs - Q?I am not happy...

thedorkSeptember 10, 2013

I got some of my cabinets installed today and I don't like the gap between the some of the upper doors? It's seems big and I can see the color inside the cabinet which is grey - outside is walnut.

What should be the gap between the upper cabs doors? I think it should be minimal and the the doors should be very close to each other with almost zero gap.

I am so disappointed...and sad...:(

Thank you!

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Can u post pictures? I have frameless full overlay and never noticed gaps. Maybe the doors haven't been adjusted yet?

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Hopefully they're just waiting till everything is in to adjust the doors.

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I am hoping for that too - the job is not done yet. Will talk to the cabinet maker tomorrow.

I was reading that 1/16 is a good size gap or 3/32'' not 1/4 or 1/8 as some people use as a standard - thank you both!

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My frameless full overlay also have almost zero gap. I definitely cannot see the color inside the cabinets, and my cabinets are dark cherry with a very light birch interior, so they would be easy to see.

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Like Angela above, my dark cherry cabs have a light birch interior. They are a plain shaker style. There is NO hint of light wood or of the objects on the shelves showing between the doors. Just a very narrow dark line between them. I'd say 1/32 of an inch or so.

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My brother has full overlay and his doors are quite tight. I certainly don't see any cabinet interior from the outside. I know someone else who bought some cabinets (probably from Lowes) and there's a flap on the inside of one cabinet door to cover the gap. I would be highly irritated by such a flap because then you have to close one door before the other and can't open the flap door by itself. So I do believe you can get doors close together with no/minimal visible gap, but maybe not all cabinet makers and/or installers do it. I think it's very reasonable to ask your cabinet installer about it. Hopefully it's just a door adjustment as was suggested.

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Euro hinges are very adjustable and one of the ways they adjust is to cover the gap you're seeing. It takes a little time with a screwdriver, but is easily fixed. ;-)

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Our GC heard this concern all the time, so he learned to warn his clients on the day that installation started that everything would be adjusted.

That being said, I can see a tiny bit of a few shelves. He said he could put a strip of wood veneer on the edge of the shelf. It's actually a tape. I was going to have that done, but after a short while, you stop noticing those minor things.

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Thank you all! They said they'll adjust them - I feel better now.
Now going through the cabinet hardware hell...what to pick?

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