What a Day!! Granite broke!!

calyle7September 27, 2013

I was so thrilled this morning to know my Beautiful Bianco Romano was being installed along with my Big Deep single sink.
When they arrived Patrick the fabricator checked everything out again...He had told the workers to give him a little more room for the stove between the two cabinets...which they did.
He then said "Now the Magic begins"
I had taken a sneak peak and from what I saw I was thrilled.
He first brought in the piece that had the small snack bar attached to it...And he had done the end of the slab I had asked for....It was Beautiful.
Then came the next piece with the large sink cutout...they had it about a inch or less from the cabinet tops and one of the helpers changed his grip and the pressure was too much and it cracked!!! I was literally sick.....the two pieces were matched up exactly and it would have been perfect......
He brought the other side in and it was lovely...the edge was beautiful...Nothing fancy but very pretty!
The granite looks so good with the cabinets...and the grey that is in it....turns to the color I have on the walls Tranquility....a soft beautiful blue- grey - green....depending on which way the light is hitting it.
Patrick apologized over and over and promised to try and match the next one as well as this one. We had picked out two slabs the last day I went...so hopefully he will be able to.
So no sink or water today....probably next Tues if all goes well.
The fabricator is in Nashville...about 100 miles away...so I really felt sorry for him also! A long trip to and from and besides the time lost...lots of money for sure.
As soon as the granite goes in, I will post a picture.... But will wait until all is finished Before choosing backsplash. I had one picked out that looked Beautiful with the cabinets and walls....but once the floor was put in...I had second thoughts...felt it looked to busy....and now after part of the granite is done...Sure it isn't the one....so will wait.

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Holly- Kay

So sorry that your granite broke. I so hope the next time is the charm!

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Yikes! Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that! It sounds like they're going to do everything they can for you to make you happy and sounds like you're keeping a positive attitude. Just take a deep breath and try to patiently wait for the resolution.
Almost every major milestone of our remodel came with a big setback like that. It's beyond frustrating.

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If the helper needed to change his grip, it is likely the way he hold it was wrong. Good thing he changed the grip so it did not hurt him, instead, it hurt the slab.

At least now you know the fabricator is capable of doing a good job. Things will turn out good. Don't forget post photos when all is done. Best luck!

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Oh my :( I bet they felt so bad.

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Oh No! So sorry to hear that, and I hope the replacement is swift and just as beautiful. I am glad that no one was hurt as the piece broke.

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Make sure you have cookies or donuts for Patrick and his crew when they came back! He sounds like exactly the kind of professional you want on your project.

Good luck with the replacement.

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What a bummer!!! Glad no one was hurt or that the break didn't cause damage to your cabinets or floor. I guess the one positive note - besides having a good fabricator - is you know for sure you like the stone with everything else. Fingers crossed that everything works out next time.

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Sophie Wheeler

They should epoxy the crack. It's really NOT a big deal. The epoxied crack will actually be stronger than the stone elsewhere. If they can do that and get it seated, it will be fine from the strength aspect. And if they are skilled with the epoxy, it will be either invisible, or look like a natural fissure in the stone.

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I am a fabricator.

Unfortunately this happens occasionally even when no one made a mistake. It is an unavoidable aspect of working with natural stone.

You are actually in a pretty good situation in that:

1. you are responding rationally and giving the fabricator time to work it out
2. more importantly, there is matching stone available.

good luck going forward. Sounds like everything will turn out fine for you.

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Oh, I feel for you. When our granite arrived at our house, the installers came in, looked at the kitchen, looked at the granite, and said "how many sinks do you have?" They had cut the granite with the large sink where the prep sink should have been and there was no cutout at all for the second sink. Oops. Fortunately, the "next" slab was still available, which they bought the next morning, and we just had to wait an extra week or so for fabrication and install. I hope your"fix" goes as smoothly!

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Oh Calyle, I'm sick for you. As others have said, it's fortunate that you're dealing with a good contractor and that it is going to be fixable. Still, I think I'd sit down and have a good cry.
I hope all goes well with the replacement.

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Thanks Everyone for all your responses

hollysprings....In regards to fixing it with epoxy....After it cracked...when they tried to remove it ....the stone cracked in other places around the sink.
Patrick said the lighter the stone and the more variations in it...the weaker it is... I am trying to look at this as just a small ripple in the scheme of things....I have confidence in him that he will do his very best.
annkh...I had not even thought about donuts or cookies....Depending on the time of day they get here...I will certainly remember to do that...thanks so much for the suggestion.
I am anxious to get it in...and post a picture...
thanks again everyone for caring...this is such a fantastic group...so glad I found the forum!! What a help in so many aspects of this demo and remodel.

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Sorry to hear about what happened, but it sounds like they are really trying to help sort this out for you. I can't wait to see the finished product!

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