faucets with "side handle"

mrtulinSeptember 21, 2013

I feel kind of dumb asking but:
A faucet evaluation cautioned against "side handle" b/c you could knock your knuckles against the backsplash.
Does this really happen? So many well rated faucets have side handles/levers and this issue is never mentioned. Unless I'm misunderstanding what is meant by a "side handle." Is it the same as a lever handle on the side?
If you could provide a picture of such a problematic faucet, it would be helpful.

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I think it may be more of in issue of faucet placement. I have 4" from my tile BS to the center of my faucet. No issues with the side handle.

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I've had a Grohe side handle for 10 years or so and never had a problem with bumping my knuckles against the backsplash. And there isn't a lot of clearance back there either. It'll be the same in my remodel.

You do have to find one in which the lever doesn't have to go back very far if you have a close BS.

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My handle's on the side but sticks out over the sink. I never come close to the backsplash when using it.

That being said, if I were looking at new faucets I think I'd prefer one with the handle in the center front. I'm right handed so often am holding something in my right hand and have to reach across with my left to turn off the water. A handle in the center front position would solve that.

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Thanks, everyone. You confirmed that I can't believe everything I read.
I've been thinking more about a faucet with a front lever. But I haven't seen a design that's not too ....linear....for my kitchen. Can't come up with the word...

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Fori is not pleased

I don't think it's normally a problem but keep sink size (front-to-back depth) in mind--it's not unheard of on GW for someone to not have room for their faucet period!

The side-lever faucets can usually be mounted with their levers in front, if that helps!

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Idabean, here's my faucet - definitely not too "linear"

Here is a link that might be useful: Grohe Eurostyle

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Fori's right. My Moen Arbor faucet - a swoopy, curvy transitional style - can be installed with the handle in front. I put mine at 45 degrees because there wasn't enough clearance between the faucet and BS. I bet a lot of the Moens can be installed handle to the front.

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