Anyone with Trash Pull Out Next to DW?

aloha2009September 30, 2013

Begrudgingly we are looking at a configuration where under the sink we place a pull out trash but instead of having the trash furthest away from the DW it would be immediately adjacent to the DW to the left. Since we can only find the single bowl silgranite sinks with a rear or right side drain, we're opting for the right side. Our DW though is on the left, which is less then optimum.

We're realizing we're going to have to make a concession and this may be what we choose to do given the available options. How does it work (or not work) for you?

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i haven't been here in a while, but have you posted a layout? i have trash opposite the dw, in the island and this works well for me. would this be an option?

i'm wondering why you think having the dw on the left would be less than optimal. i have two dw's and being right handed, i find the left side easier to load and unload so i end up using the left side dw more frequently. it's a bit cumbersome accessing the right side dw; i open the door with my right hand, face the right side and load with my right hand. it's kind of hard to explain, but with the dw on the left, i'm able to open the door with my left hand and easily load/unload with my right hand while facing left.

i don't know if any of this will make sense. it's late and i should be in bed... but, if you're right handed, you may be surprised that placing the dw to your left works rather well.

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sorry, double post :-(

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I have trash/recycling pull out cabinet between the sink and DW, all on the right. The sink is at an angle. The house was set up this way when we bought and it wasn't a problem adjusting.

The only issue you need to pay attention to with trash is where it is in relation to any toe-kick heaters you might have in the kitchen. Our first house had a trash compactor right next to one of the toe-kick heaters ... you really don't want to warm up your trash!!

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We have a u shaped kitchen, with the sink being at the bottom of the u and the dw and pullout trash on the left arm. Dw is closest to sink. It works really well for us! We open the trash, scrape the plates and plunk them right into the dw. Or, if the dishes are in the sink already I just turn to the left and put them into dw. It works for us.

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If you're only going for a single trash, put it across the aisle in the island in the prep zone where it will get the most use. Far more trash is produced by prep than cleanup. And you'll still be able to pull it out and access it from the cleanup zone.

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My trash pull out is under my Super Single Silgranite sink with the dishwasher on the left and it works fine for me. Our dishwasher was previously on the right. It takes a little to get used to the different side, but I don't think one side is any better than another.

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I posted this same question a while back. It kind of grossed me out that the trash was next to clean dishes. Many people replied that it wasn't that icky.

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Thanks for all the responses.

Having the last 3 houses with the DW on the left seems like second nature and obviously according to Kateskouros it might be the preferably way to go for righties. Having 2 DW would be a good way to test.

As best as I could, I just mocked up the set up pulling out a 15" (not an 18") drawer next to the DW and pulled it only the equivalent of 1/2 way since I'd only need the garbage and not recycling. I found myself comfortably straddling the trash between the imaginary sink and the DW. If I didn't have the belief, I had to rinse my dishes too, it might even be preferable. Though I had to stretch a little more then if I didn't have the 18" pull out in the way, it wasn't that big a deal. The plus is that I wouldn't have to walk around the trash pull out during prep to get to the sink --- something I would do much more then scrape plates to put in the DW.

LIvewireoak, We finally conceded (and glad we did) to having the sink on the island so all of this is on the island. I initially was going to put the trash on the edge of my prep but using an entire cabinet for trash just doesn't sit well for me. We think for us having it under the sink makes so much more sense. We even tested it at a few model homes, and I barely had to move to the side for my DH to be able to pull the 18" side of the sink base open.

Unless, I'm not getting something, I'm thinking now that this set up might even be best. It sound good to not have to go around the trash to get to the sink when I'm prepping. The set up would then be DW, pull out trash 18" cabinet door under the sink, drain side of the sink with the garbage disposal, and 5' prepping area.

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