Cabinet hinges that limit how wide the door can be opened??

dcindcSeptember 11, 2008

Part of our kitchen is U-shaped, so there are 2 corners that are pretty tight. Everything opens, but it's a tight fit. My husband's concern is that at the corners, the cabinet door one side will bang against the other door and everything is just going to get dented.

Is there some kind of hinge that we can get that will keep the door from opening beyond 90 degrees?

Does this make sense? This is one thing I wish I had thought of when we designed: door clearance for cabinets.

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I have a similar problem. Actually I've solved it in theory but haven't gotten around to implementing it yet. My cabinet installer said that my current hinges are European style hinges set to open 105 degrees, but I need to find some made to open 90 degrees. He suggested Louis & Company. I also posted on GW and several people suggested a transom chain, with some very nice pix of a tiny chain attached at one end to the inside cabinet and inside door at the other end, in very unobtrusive top shelves. Several other people suggested simply using the nearly-invisible silicone bumper pads that are on the inside of the doors, but that's my last resort on a highly visible range hood and outside cabinet door. One of these days I'm going to google Louis & Company hinges and/or ask for transom chains at HD (just so that I can get blank stares above orange aprons in return), in my copious spare time. Anyway, ask your cabinet people for the brand of their hinges.

I'm sorry, I don't know how to save my own threads, but search "transom chain" or "truly invisible" and my name. HTH.

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blum makes a 90 degree angle restrictor for their clip top hinge, but that is typically used as a frameless concealed hinge. Not knowing what style cabinet you have I would say go to home depot and they sell a black #16 jack chain(I think that is the description) cut about a 6 - 8 " section and attach to the inside behind the top face frame and into the top rail of the door. It will work and I don't think it would be unobtrusive.

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IIRC, blum also makes a set of shims that can be used to increase or decrease the amount of opening. The shim gets mounted between the hinge and cabinet. I remember seeing them in the catalog, but don't know for certain which hinges the will work with.

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Thank you. you all are lifesavers. My husband was threatening to get the contractor to reinstall cabinets to make the door clearances wider.

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