Please recommend a range hood

jjnvSeptember 9, 2012


I am looking for a range hood for my new kitchen. I am going to use a 36" induction cooktop. We used the Ancona Chef Range Hoods from Costco in my previous home and loved it. However, I have about 50" of space for the range hood this time and I am thinking about going for a 42" hood.

I like the look of the curved glass and found these two options that are very reasonably priced with good CFM rating , but no reviews.;hash=item3cca831878#ht_3162wt_1111

Anyone used them or have any other suggestions? I am looking to buy in the next 3 weeks.

Thanks a lot for your help,


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Between the two you've cited, at first glance, I preferred the one on eBay, solely because it has baffle filters. It is unusual to see glass hoods with baffle filters; most glass hoods have mesh filters. I prefer baffle filters because mesh filters clog quickly--sometimes with even one session of hamburgers-- and if you don't clean mesh filters often, their efficiency is compromised. But on second glance, I see that both the eBay hood and the Overstock hood are only 20" deep - that is too narrow and won't cover your front burners. Your hood should at least 24" deep. What would be the point of going to the expense of a hood, plus the additional 6" width over your 36" cooktop, if your hood won't cover the front burners?

Both hoods are 860 cfm, yet both only require a 6" duct. That's good if your home has a 6" duct and you cannot install a wider diameter duct. But typically a hood with more than 600 cfms requires an 8" duct. That's because you will get a very noisy hood as all those cfms are pushing through a duct that is only 6". The duct for 860 cfm hood should be 8", or, no matter what, the two hoods you are looking at will be noisy. If you have a 6" duct that you cannot change, and you don't mind the noise, there are other hoods out there to buy that would be more than 20" deep.

The other factor is how you feel about glass. It will show every splatter. Some people don't find this to be a problem; it is a kitchen after all. Others are bothered by the splatters on the glass, and have to clean it after every single use. You know which type you would be. Also, dust will settle on the glass top and be visible. Dust would settle on a stainless hood too, but won't show instantly. This is a personal preference thing, but keep it in mind.

Jane's linked Overstock hood

Jane's linked eBay hood

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Thanks a lot for the background information, Akchicago. it is really helpful. We do like the look for a glass hood, but now I am going to look also for stainless steel. I love the baffle filter. I wonder if the hood on eBay are truly rated at 860 cfm. It does not even have a brand name.

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You probably don't need anywhere near 860 cfm's for an induction cooktop unless you cook with a lot of oil. See question 8 on the link below.

The Overstock hood has reviews on the 36" one.

You may want to cross-post your question on the Appliance forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Induction CFM's

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Thanks a lot for the Induction FAQ. I have not done too much research on induction before I purchase my cooktop. I find the link very helpful. With the lowered CFM requirement, I should have more choices. However, I am having hard time finding anything that is 24" deep. Most of the island hood are 24" but not the wall mounted ones. I will keep searching, please keep the recommendation coming.



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"If you do not regularly generate large amounts of greasy smoke, a decent alternative may be a recirculating ("ductless") hood,"

If you want to stink up the house, go for it.

Recirculating is a joke.

The filters are simply not capable of cleaning the air that well, and if they did they would clog in short order.

Did you have fish last night?

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For clarity, the item Brick was quoting from (and refuting) was from the FAQ that corgimum linked to, not from a GW member.

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Hello, everyone...I am a new member, and, am in the process of planning a kitchen remodel. My wife and I have picked out almost all of our appliances, but, are stuck on selecting the proper hood for a Wolf 36 inch gas rangetop. We've done some research, and, have read many of the previous posts...but, still find ourselves wondering which direction to go. We like the Euro/contemporary style, but, are not discounting other options. Cost is somewhat of a factor, but, not entirely limiting. Any, and, all suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks, in advance...we look forward to your experienced recommendations!

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