French door fridge question

joaniepoanieSeptember 13, 2013

For those of you with French door your doors close automatically or do you have to really make it a point to hold the handle and push hard to make sure they close?

Twice this week I came home from work to find one door not all the way shut....yikes! Tried to pin it on grown DS (lol) who will stop by for lunch when he's in the area, but alas it was me, I suppose in my rush to get out the door and not paying attention. But then it got me to wonder...Should the doors be closing more easily/automatically? Or am I just a dumb cluck who can't remember to make sure they're shut? I have a Kenmore Elite made by LG. What's the consensus?

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GE Cafe and I need to push (not hard) to close. There is an alarm, thank goodness, that beeps within two minutes or so if any of the doors are not closed completely. I thought it might drive me bonkers, but it's well worth it! DS and DD are a little spacy and the apples didn't fall far from the tree...

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The doors on my samsung french door refrigerator do not close all the way on their own. You do have to give it a little nudge to make sure it closes all the way. There have been a few times when the door was not closed completely. An alarm is activated when it is left ajar but the alarm is not all that loud so it might not be heard in another part of the house.

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Our elux closes automatically if I get them started. The freezer doesn't (I don't think it does)

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Are French door fridges the same as regular fridges where the door closing automatically (or not) is because of the way they are leveled by the feet at the bottom of the fridge ?

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On ours the right side door will close tight with little or no effort. The left side which has the center piece needs a little extra push. Not much just a little push. We have also found the door left open and its always the left side. Sometimes it went all night. The alarm is helpful as said it is not very loud.

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What they said.

Most of them have an alarm, maybe your is turned off? Ours has saved us many time.

I don't think it's the same a regular one door fridge because the doors have to interact with one another to get the seal right and be closed, so just closing by gravity isn't enough. I'm sure if they are not level, that could contribute, but even when they are properly level you thave to be sure they are closed.

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I have the frigidaire pro and find that each door by itself closes easily but occasionally if I push both closed at the same time, it doesn't quite close all the way. It has an alarm too.

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Joanie-I also have the Kenmore Elite and mine almost slams shut. I will have to check if it is not level from front to back. That might be something you would want to check. I think it can be adjusted at the front feet. I also have the alarm. Its annoying when you are putting groceries away but it does ring quite quickly after the door is left open.

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I too have the kenmore elite. I just checked with DH and the instructions say that the fridge must be slightly tilted back. I think no matter what the left side door just needs a slight push. Ours was left open several times because someone would open both doors and just leave them like that. The doors would fall back to the fridge. The offender would "think" the doors were closed and walk away. Once everyone learned you just need to close the doors we have had no more issues. I still love my trio elite and would not hesitate to get another.

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Thanks everyone...I will have DH check for level...or not exactly level in this case. On ours it was the right door I found open. I will also check the alarm...which has gone off in the past but I'm not sure at what interval...2 minutes seems too long...I'm easily out the door in those 2 minutes. I like the fridge a lot otherwise and would buy it again. Thanks again!

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KA french door, the doors have to be pushed shut. Sometimes shutting one will make the other pop open and it will remain ajar unless you then push it shut as well. The alarm does not work if the doors are only slightly ajar, so it is pretty pointless. Plus it is so quiet that you can't hear it unless you are right there in the room. Freezer door has to be pushed hard to shut.

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Just checked ours again - the freezer does close if you get it started - same with the doors - the owner's manual talks about the amount of "unlevel" needed to accomplish this - I had to find ours on-line as it had become slightly off center and was bumping the cabinet. Took me a few times to realize what was happening as our old fridge was a dented model and always had a glitch (came with the house)

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I have an LG French Door Refrigerator in stainless steel and I always have to check my doors since sometimes if they are almost closed the alarm does not go off! The alarm will go off if the door is all the way open. I wish the alarm worked better and I wish the doors shut better.

I still would do a French Door again since it gives more clearance in front of the refrigerator so I do not have to move my kitchen chairs out of the way when I open the refrigerator door.

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