Kitchen in Action- Wedding Edition

beaglesdoitbetter1September 5, 2012

Just thought I'd share a few pics from our wedding we had here last weekend. The large island was absolutely wonderful- everyone spent quite a long time standing around it! We were also able to do the cake cutting right on the end of the island and there was room for everyone to stand around (we only had 25 people, so it was a reasonable number).

We turned the kitchen table in the breakfast nook sideways and set up a bar, and the crepe makers set up their table in the main part of the nook. There was plenty of room for everyone to mingle and I didn't even stress about etches in the countertop at all! For anyone considering blue bahia granite but afraid that it might etch, I would not worry about it- there were a few minor spills and the counter felt super sticky after the party, but after cleaning w/ Method cleaner, it looks absolutely perfect again.

Showing off the new wedding ring, LOL:

There was one frightening moment when DH's brother opened a champagne bottle and the cork flew towards the chandies, but miracle of miracles, nothing got hit and all was well!

And, the puppies got dressed up for the occasion of course! They were in heaven since people kept sneaking them food!

The other thing that was absolutely wonderful during the party was having the fridge and freezer drawers on the end of the island. We completely stocked them w/ beer and soda so everyone was able to help themselves without needing to open the main fridge area.

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How fabulous to see all your plans working!.

I'd love to see you and your man in your wedding clothes. Were they blue to match the kitchen? [LOL]

It looks lovely and fun. Your puppies are sweet.
Congrats on a wonderful day!

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Everything looks amazing! A beautiful wedding and a beautiful kitchen. How fun that the fur babies joined the festivities! Adorable. Congrats on your special day.

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Congrats to you and your groom!!! Beautiful ring--more bling to go with the kitchen bling! LOL

Happy your kitchen worked out so perfectly for the wedding breakfast!

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Congratulations to you both. The kitchen performed well and beautifully. And I know how wonderful the fridge drawers are. I love mine.

Have a great life together. Westy

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Congratulations !! You are the FIRST KIA wedding !! It looks so perfectly set up and sounds like you had a fabulous time. What a brilliant idea to have the crepe makers. We love to go to the one in the University district in NOLA. Yummy and an efficient way to feed everyone. c

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How fun! And congrats on being Mrs. Beaglesdoitbetter. Your puppy children look happy for you. ;)

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Congratulations! How very exciting, looks and sounds like it went well. Those crepes look YUM! And it was nice to see that beautiful Blue Bahia peeking through all the yummy plates.

The canine family members are very dashing in their little bow/bowties :)

All the best to you and your new DH. You survived this building project together, fraught with frustrations and difficulties. That bodes well for your future together!


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Mazel Tov!

...and what a rock (the Bahia -- the other one's nice too ;)

Perhaps you can accessorize with some saphire (blue) earrings or rings for your first anniversary?

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Congrats beagles! A joy to celebrate life and sweeten by the fact that your home supported in a way that was relaxed and easy. Wishing you many many joyful years ahead.

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Cheers! Beautiful! I love your pups they look so cute in their finery : ))) Congratulations, wishing you all the best for much happiness now and always.

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Congratulations! I loved seeing your kitchen in action.

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Congratulations, Mrs. Beagles! The pups look so cute, and I'm glad your kitchen held up to everything!

Gorgeous, classy ring, BTW!

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Congrats to you and Mr. Beagles! Thanks for sharing this very special KIA. I can't think of a better way to christen your gorgeous new kitchen!

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"I'd love to see you and your man in your wedding clothes." Me too!

Congratulations! I know your home was a labor of love, and how wonderful to share all the love of your wedding day there. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness and puppies!

The crepes look delicious - what a good idea.

Your ring is lovely, as is your granite!

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Congratulations! Your cake looks luscious.

Love your ring.

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Congratulations and thank you for sharing! That looks like such a fun wedding. Nutella and strawberry crepes, yum! Your doggies are very cute!

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CEFreeman, DH had a blue tie and his suit is kind of blue, LOL.

nan53, the furbabies were definitely part of everything. DH's brother married us and when we said "I do" the dogs both started barking like crazy- it was strange, don't know how they knew, but I guess it meant they were happy, LOL.

cat_mom, it was actually a wedding dinner, not breakfast.

Thanks westsider40.

trailrunner, the crepes were definitely the highlight of the wedding. We go to the crepe place here probably once a week at least and we knew from the very beginning we wanted them to cater the wedding. It was great, they made 3 different kinds of savory crepes and a bunch of desert crepes and everyone was sharing so they got to try everything (the crepes were too big for people to eat one of each, LOL)

Thanks breezygirl. I think the furkids would like a wedding every weekend for the food alone!

Thanks mmhmmgood. I'm glad we waited until the house was done to do the wedding, we started building it even before we got engaged officially but as soon as we did get engaged I told DH that we needed to get married here.

LOL aliris19, I do love sapphires. I'll let DH know now to plan on some sapphire anniversary jewels! He'll be thrilled to hear it.

remodelfla, I was amazed at how well the house really did support having so many people over. Everyone had room to sit and eat somewhere, there were people in the dining room, great room and gathering room but most everyone spent a lot of their time in the kitchen!

Ginny20, the crepes were delicious! I didn't get to eat any of the cheese or the tea sandwiches we had out because I was too busy trying to talk to everyone but I did make time to eat three crepes!

Thanks francoise47, SaraKat, fouramblues, cottonpenny, chicagoans, and northcarolina

Thanks red_lover. My friend actually made the cake for us.

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Ohhh - I love weddings so thanks for sharing your photos. I love the hints of blue in the plates, glasses and cutlery - very cute.

Congratulations on your marriage and your beautiful entertaining space.

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Love the ring. Gorgeous.

Nice to see that beautiful kitchen in action.

I always think some weekend I'm going to drive by your house on one of our rambling country rides.
All I remember though is woods, and tiers of rocks in the front yard! :)

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Beagles - Congratulations! So happy you enjoyed not only your special wedding day...but the house you so lovingly built and shared with all of us!

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Debbi Branka

Congratulations Beagles! Your kitchen is my all time favorite favorite!!! I'm so happy for you and I love your fur babies dressed appropriately in wedding attire. We dressed the puppy-doos appropriately for my daughter's wedding in 2006 too :)

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Congratulations and Best Wishes for a wonderful life together :)

Everything looked perfect!!!

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Congratulations Beagles !! what beautiful memories you have. Thanks for sharing !

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Thanks guys!

LOL biochem101, stop on by and say hello if you do drive by :)

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Thanks so much for including us in the fun.. I know I for one have been looking forward to the event. Love seeing the puppies and especially the ring shot. You have a fabulous home, and might I say --after seeing the ring shot, such young hands :) and as Christine would say, --raised eyebrows here-- we are all looking forward to more 'puppy' pictures! Many congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life together.

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Well, now you've added the most important element to your home --- memories.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Beagles and may you have many blue but happy years together, and many puppies.

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LOL oldbat2be, I am 29 and my DH is 34, so I like to think of us as young (although I tell DH all the time that he is very old and I'm his young trophy wife, LOL)

Thanks mtnrdredux!

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Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Beagle!! What lovely KIA pics! So happy to hear your beautiful kitchen performed perfectly. The puppies were too cute, and your ring is gorgeous! Best wishes to both of you!!

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Many congrats to you and Mr. Beagles! Sounds and looks like everything went wonderfully.

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Ohhhh... congratulations!! Your ring goes beautifully with your granite. So glad to see such a happy event in your beautiful new home. I hope you have many, many happy years there.

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