? rehanging cabinets

callie8799September 2, 2012

Has anyone had to rehang their upper cabinets Did it "ruin" the cabinets or make it harder?

4 yrs ago, we redid our kitchen and the cabinets, with the help of 1 piece of molding, should have went to the ceiling-giving me sufficient space from counter to bottom of an upper cabinet. Well, our GF, tried it and thought that the top 2 cabinet shelves would be too high and I would quickly get tired of stretching or climbing on stuff so he took it on himself to lower the cabinets. He also thought the over the range microwave would be too high creating a potential hazard. I was disappointed but I totally saw his point so I let them be. Well, I want them raised to where they should be (I now have cats who like to get on top of the cabinets, in the void between ceiling and cabinets- but they claw the doors to get up there (after jumping on top of frig)

my dh says we could damage the cabinets (I'm thinking screw holes) but I think he doesn't want to go thru the trouble nor cost. There really isn't a major problem with their height- except the clawing of the door as the kitties try to get into the void and the hazard of them falling when all 4 try to get there together.

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I put them up and take them down all the time.
Really. Not kidding. I change my mind a lot, or find a better cabinet at the reuse center.

It totally depends upon how and where they're screwed in and up. How long is the bank of cabinets? Are they also screwed to each other?

It can be done carefully and with forethought. They can be reconnected the exact same way, and hung thru the same screw holes. Sometimes, you can even do it better, if he drilled thru the back of the cabinets. That's not a good way to do it!

I thought you didn't like how low they are. Frankly, that's kind of silly to have made them lower. You can't put anything like a big pot on the counter!

What's GF? Girl Friend? Good Friend? Grandfather?

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We've taken ours down and put them up again more than once too. It does leave screw holes, but if they bother you, you can fill them. They're inside and I don't even notice them.

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They should be able to be rehung without a problem. The "professionals" that my GC hired hung the cabinets an inch lower than they should have been. They were able to remove and rehang a wall of cabinets to the correct height in about an hour.

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I an understand where your DH is coming from .
It seems like an insurmountable task. It's a PIA and a big job, when you're doing a whole kitchen alone, but shoot. If I can do it? Anyone can.

I've got pics of my cabinets balancing on drywall buckets, and me standing on the counter pressing my head against the ceiling to screw them in.

An easier way, I've found, is to set an 18" tall cabinet on the countertop and just plain sit the ones you're hanging on top of it. Balanced, correct height, and standard as long as your countertop is level! :)

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CEF, I want to see that pic !! *grin*

Would also like to see pics of your kitchen, is there a link anywhere ?

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I'll post a pic of my buckets, but the pic of me was on my sisters (flushed) phone. The whole thing is in progress by me alone, so things move very slowly. Plus, I'm living in this.

Now that I've had my A HAAAA! moment, I'm stalking the reuse centers looking for beaded inset cabinetry. It'll all change to that ... eventually.

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