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gale1965September 5, 2013

I know I want a pull-down or pull-out faucet and have seen that Delta is a good midpriced brand with good reviews. So anyway, now my question. I am pretty short. Right now I have a regular faucet where the handle is on the right (not connected to the spout) and I often have to turn it on with my elbow. I can just reach it with my elbow. My faucet is similar to this one: (link below)
I was looking at the pull down faucets where the handle is connected to the spout on the side of it and after thinking about it, I am wondering if it would be hard for me to reach that with my elbow. Do you think the pull-out where the handle is behind the spout (but sticks out further) would be better for me? I've noticed that the pull down ones have better reviews.

So are there any other shorties here that have the pull down type where the handle is further back? I know you can mount it with the handle in front but does the spout get in the way of turning it on? thanks

Here is a link that might be useful: faucet similar to mine

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I turn the faucets on with my hands. Always have, and I'm fairly tall. It seems awkward to be short and reach across a deep counter to use your elbow. Is that because your hands are dirty? Why not use the back of your wrist? I think you'll find it ergonomically more comfortable. Also, I don't think a pulldown with the side mounted lever is much different than your current situation as I understand it. In fact, I think the reach would be the same. A pull-out, which I find not as ergonomic to use, probably wouldn't be any easier to reach for you.

Two thoughts.

1. Both my kitchen pull-down faucets have the control lever mounted to the front. What a treat! No more water dripping all over the area behind the faucet, and it's much easier to reach. And I'm tallish. Your body memory kicks in pretty quickly to get used to reaching in front and out of the water. When I first started using my new kitchen, I got my arm wet once. Maybe twice. Since then it hasn't been an issue. Most of the time, my faucet is not directly center in the sink anyway.

2. How about a Tapmaster (foot control)? Then you wouldn't have to reach for the lever much. I have one on my prep sink, where I leave the lever set in the middle between hot/cold and about medium-low water pressure. This works for about 90% of my sink usage. If I need a different temp or pressure, I adjust by hand. There are other Tapmaster models that wilrl control the water temp at the foot control. I'll link a past thread where some of us discuss model types and link to the Tapmaster website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tapmaster thread

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Thanks. I don't have the $$ to get something like the tapmaster or a touch faucet. I have fairly severe OCD when it comes to this and if my hands are dirty, I imagine my wrists to be dirty too, and have to use my elbow. I take meds but it doesn't really fix everything. I think after standing at my sink and imagining it, you're right and the front mounted handle would be my best bet. I have a double sink and only use the left side for most things (again, the OCD) so it probably wouldn't be in the way too much.

I'm hoping this type of faucet will help me. Right now I have the sprayer on one hole, the spout in the middle, and the handle to the right, and it's hard to clean around all of them. Having to clean only one will help my mental state tremendously.

I'm working on my issues but it's taking a lot longer than I'd hoped.

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Here's a Delta Touch Faucet on ebay for $163 plus shipping. Most any faucet will be $200.

This looks like the best prospect given your needs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Touch

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I got the Kohler Simplice, which is a popular choice here. I mounted the handle in the front (not all faucets can do this, you need to read the specs carefully) and it is fantastic! It's easier to reach, and very hard to get a mess on the counter in that position. I specifically looked for a style without nooks and crannies to clean.

The other nice thing about a handle in front is if you do get the handle dirty, you can just rinse it off and all the water stays in the sink. No need for a sponge!

I think you will really like a model with one hole and a handle you can mount in front. At that angle, you should be easily able to work most handles with your forearm.

I've also been switching all my light switches to the large rocker type. Easy to operate with any part of your body you can get that high, and they have a very satisfying and unequivocal "click" in each direction.

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The ability to mount the handle on the front-would that spec be on the box or do I need to look it up online? I looked all over Delta's site last night in the FAQ section trying to find out which faucets could be mounted like this but no one had ever asked this question of them, apparently.

If I buy a faucet on ebay is it still warrantied by Delta? I was figuring to spend about $200 and there is a touch faucet just over that for BIN (the one listed above is auction style and has 3 days but I will watch it too).

thanks :)

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Just be sure to check on the shipping cost for either -- it can make a difference.

Also, I'd email the seller and ask if the faucet is new and in the box, never opened or used -- always a good policy for plumbing fixtures bought on ebay.

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re how to know if you can shift the handle around - My Moen pulldown went in 2 years ago, but I think I either emailed or called Moen and asked them. Mine could be installed in any way, and mine is at a 45 degree angle to the right front, just to throw out another option. I think the Delta Touch would be good, though, if you can find one in your price range.

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