upper cabinet layout...yes/no?...help

bicyclegirl1September 9, 2013

I believe I finally have the lower cabinet layout finalized...for the most part....thanks to you great & talented folks! So thank you for all of your help!

Before going into questions, let me explain a few things. 1st of all, this kitchen is very small & w/ 2 windows & 2 doors, I'm limited w/ my layout. Trust me, I've gone over this for the past 3+ months & I think this is going to be it. Even tho I'm getting my lower cabs from IKEA, I'm going to do custom uppers. I would love to have all custom, but after a year & 1/2 of unemployment, I'm thrilled to get anything new in this kitchen! I'm going to have the lowers painted a creamish color (haven't figure that out yet) & the uppers & hood in a pine wood, kind of like I found them in a barn or something! I don't like to lock in my style, but if I have to give a description, I'd say rustic french - linen, grain sack, burlap, woods. My plan was to have the uppers made where I can put chicken wire in the doors w/ burlap on the inside. See small cab pic. But since I'm putting my sink to the left of the window & not under it I'm not really able to put uppers on that wall because I don't want to be staring right into a cab door. I've thought about doing custom open shelving like the picture I've attached, but hung, not sitting on top of cab. I think that will work, any thoughts? Across to the range/fridge wall, I can't decide if I should put some uppers in that corner to the right of the hood (pic of hood shape I want is attached). I also have a lower corner cabinet going over to the back wall, so maybe doing a corner upper instead of a facing out upper next to hood? Is that going to look like I'm utilizing every square inch of the kitchen & feel cramped? I think I have enough lower cab/drawer space, but not sure. Oh, back on the sink wall, that door on the left is what I call a "primitive can pantry", 4" deep!, that was there when I bought the house. Something the previous owners got creative w/ trying to utilize more space! Funny tho, I've actually grown to like the functionality of it, so may rebuild it! I'll be able to make it wider or skinnier to balance that wall. I'm thinking about doing the pantry door like the picture w/ a dbl pantry door w/ chicken wire in it. I could only do a single door tho. So, will that be too much, especially if I do upper/s on the range wall?

I love all of the help you guys have pulled out for me so far & am sure I'll need more when it comes to picking out paint colors, backsplash, & who knows what else. But, in the meantime, if you guys can give me your feedback on the upper placement & pantry door, I'd be very grateful.

Here are my pictures:

Thank you,

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Yes to open shelves over the sink and again corner shelves instead of upper cab next to the hood. And I don't think it will be too much to have a "primitive can pantry" (as wide as possible).

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I think you will need shelves, since you said your kitchen is small. I love your inspiration pictures!!

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in theory,yes, the pics are very pretty but also situated in larger spaces. Over time, if you have the eclectic mix of non-matching storage shelves, it can grow tiresome. The space is small.....you will reap far greater reward with frameless white or light uppers where you have the mandatory storage at shoulder height that is the easiest spot to access in any kitchen. I would extend your base cabs out on sink side for greater depth of counter and do upper cabs there as well in the corner by the range. You can do frosty glass doors or take one cabinet and void the door[above sink?] and have an interior finish of your choosing....but have it line up with the others.....all at 18 in above counter for a cleaner look, and streamline the infrastructure.....the cozy details can be curtains/wall color/backsplash/hardware/floor/lighting/ etc..

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Thank you all for your thoughts!

sena01, are you saying that on the range wall, I should put a corner shelve that will be literally in the corner, on the range wall & going onto the back wall....one piece essentially? Shelving, not cabinet? You don't think it'll look too crowded? Just checking! I do think the open shelving will be less heavy on the wall w/ the heavy range hood & large fridge.

Thanks heidihausfrau, I've been looking at pictures for years!! I've tried to get to this for years, but something always gets in my way before starting. I'm finishing this time no matter what tries to push me down this time!!!! It's interesting because my taste has changed over time & I can really see that thru my inspiration pictures! I've always been big on collecting antiques...furniture, paintings, books, etc, so I have plenty of beautiful things to put on the open shelving! I think it'll look pretty cool. I'll post pictures when it's all said & done.

herbflavor, I wish I could get my counters to be deeper, but unfortunately, the bottom cabs are from IKEA & they only come in one depth! Great idea tho. But, I've seen numerous kitchens w/ 2 different paints on uppers & lowers & I like it a lot. Or paint on one of the them & wood tone on the other, which is actually what I'll be doing. Cream on the bottom & a pretty wood on top...looking at pine maybe. I feel that if it gets tiresome, it's only shelves I'd have to change out, but w/ the drawers & corner cab, along w/ the other small cabinets, I'm going to have plenty of space for all of my small appliances & pots & pans. I can put my plates, glasses, etc on the shelving & be happy w/ that. And, I have plenty to put on those!

I think I'm more concerned now about putting something on the wall by the range. Do I do a corner shelving unit that goes from the back wall to the range wall, as in one corner unit? Or an enclosed cabinet like that. Or, just on the wall of the range or just on the back wall? Again, I don't want my kitchen to look like I've utilized every square inch just to get storage. Any other suggestions out there?

Thank you everyone!

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you don't need "deeper " base cabs to have deeper counter. With a 73 in wide aisle it would be a waste not to grow the depth of your counters.

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Ohhhhh, thanks for the tip herbflavor! I am a true blonde! I would never have thought of that! I've not gotten to the countertops yet, so will consider that. Thank you!

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