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foodonastumpSeptember 22, 2013

The other day I followed the prompt on my iPhone to "upgrade" to 7.0. Unfortunately I accepted, without first reading numerous online warnings not to do so yet. My main complaints are with Safari, specific to GW is that many pictures no longer load without refreshing the page multiple times. Even that doesn't always work. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? Probably something GW needs to work through but either way, this is a PSA to advise against upgrading without doing research. It's virtually impossible to turn back.

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I upgraded my iPad to iOS 7 and I am not having any problems. In fact, I think things are loading more quickly than before. Maybe you should try reloading your iOS 7 or go to the support forums on Apple to see if anyone has a solution.

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iOS 7 is a nightmare. Wish I could go back too. :(

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FOAS-I'm not sure that I like the new OS, but GW photos are loading fine on my iPhone.

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I updated my mini. I don't see it as an improvement at all. It feels like change for change sake -- something to make the stockholders happy. No common sense applied.

I spent two hours with the online cheat sheets undoing "improvements." It's harder to read. I hate the ugly blue background and it forced me to take a photo of my table and use that temporarily because they deleted the other choices. Some of the icons are weird looking. It's slow and not all the apps are fully compatible.

I'm waiting to update the other device until I'm forced to because that's the one I use every day. Perhaps there is something this new OS does better than the old one. I just haven't found it.

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After doing the Snow Leopard upgrade on my Mac, I learned never to accept another Apple upgrade, not even on my phone. I am still running software 2 generations old on an antique iPhone. When they tried to take my Google maps, I just stopped updating. My phone battery is dying, tho, and I will soon be faced with a hard decision.

In general, it seems to me upgrades benefit the company more than the client. Most of my technological heartbreak has come from software updates, and not just Apple.

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