Hairline cracks in Kohler cast iron kitchen sink

dmresourceSeptember 26, 2012

Our Kohler kitchen sink began developing hairline cracks. At first they were nearly invisible, but now rust has begun to seep up and discolor the cracks. Over time, the porcelain adjacent to the cracks has begun to lift. The sink was installed by the builder of our new home. Kohler says it won't cover the cracks under its warranty. They say something was dropped in the sink even though the cracks follow the curved contours of the sink in an area that would be difficult to drop something on. Has anyone had this problem? The cracks are growing over time, and from what I've read it's not possible to repair cast iron sinks.

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I have that crazing, but it's certainly not to that point. Mine actually was damaged, I believe, and they didn't offer a touch-up kit. Not that one would help you.

What does your builder say?

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That is not right. I have a new Kohler sink and it doesn't have anything like that on it. Oh dear, it needs to be addressed and changed out. That doesn't look like crazing to me it looks like a defect or a scratch.

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We too are getting a Kohler, Dickinson apron front sink. May I ask, what is crazing?

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crazing is small, hairline cracks in usually porcelain type finishes.
Normally it doesn't effect the functionality and is considered part of a patina.

This situation is not crazing, it's a mess.

I'm wondering if a zillion of us wrote from GW to Kohler and told them we wouldn't consider that model due to its "defect" and the lack of customer satisfaction with it and their response, if it might make a difference?

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I'm no pro, but it looks like stress caused it to me.

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Thank you CEFreeman. You really do learn something new everyday with this site! So should I expect crazing from the new sink? They don't tell you that at the kohler website, or the builder design studio. Oh well.

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My SIL had something similar with her sink and Kohler did replace it for her, but of course they didn't cover the cost of removing and replacing the countertop.

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Is your garbage disposal installed correctly? Ours was causing serious vibrations in our sink - which was fireclay - and we started to develop hairline cracks in the sink.

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Go back to Kohler, kick it up the chain, and make clear that they'll honor their warranty either willingly or under the order of your small claims court.

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Yikes! So sorry. Hope that doesn't happen to my Whitehaven. I was worried because I had some black "scratches" - but luckily they were just marks and came off easily with Barkeepers Friend and a gentle scrubbie sponge. Do you have the protective grates? My marks were from the Kohler grates by the way (I love them but have to move them out of the way to really clean the bottom of the sink).

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No, I didn't mean to imply crazing in cast iron/enamel sinks is normal. It is a weakness in the finish, unless it's Raku pottery.

Oh - and I have the Kohler "Hawthorne" sink, which can rust underneath if exposed to water. Just an FYI. They replaced it for me, but wouldn't cover reinstallation. So I have a damaged, installed sink and a whole new one in the box in my barn.

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