Two strikes on knobs, try try again?

kksmamaSeptember 26, 2013

I think this is my last decision! And I've failed twice already, so if this is wrong I think I'll have to go all pulls. I ordered the Amerock Abernathy, loved them until I felt them - they are acrylic and just don't look nearly as pretty IRL as on a screen. Then I ordered some square glass from Amazon - another disaster because they were mirror backed and crazy sparkly - like mini square disco balls.
My kitchen has white shaker cabinets, and I want an informal, slightly retro/industrial, peaceful and elegant but not fussy kitchen. I have Amerock candler pulls which I don't totally love, but it may be that I'm still getting used to them. I don't hate them, and intended to use them vertically on the uppers with solid doors. But I'd sure like to use glass on the up-uppers and the one set of glass doors that isn't shown here facing my breakfast table.

This is my kitchen (in progress)

Please tell me if putting these lovely square glass/crystal knobs from Emtek on the glass front cabinets and up-uppers would be a mistake?
This is a similar kitchen with Candler pulls and a similar (but not nearly as pretty backsplash
Would it be "off" to mix vertical pulls on the uppers with the glass knobs on the up-uppers above them?

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I like knobs on both sets of uppers, as shown in your picture. What about the square knobs in that picture? They look really good with the Canadel pulls.

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Holly- Kay

Kk, I love the Candler. It was one of my choices. I would have used the chocolate bronze.

I think mixing the sparkly ones with the Candler will look wonderful. I love the Emtek crystal knobs. Your kitchen will be a stunner!

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I agree w/Romy. I like the square ones in the 2nd pic.

BTW ... love your cabs! Do you mind me asking what state you're in?

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I'd totally order a couple of the glass ones and try them at least. Could be a neat touch!

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I think the pulls on the lower uppers and the sparkly knobs on the glass doors will look great. Mixing knobs is a wonderful touch and as long as there is a method to the madness it looks great. Have you ever seen Segbrown's kitchen- it's one of the posts on the old 'show me your pulls and knobs' thread which I have linked. It shows how mixing lots of different knobs and pulls works when you have a system

Here is a link that might be useful: Show me your knobs and pulls

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I find the glass to be too boudoir. Not a fan of mixed. Don't see sparkly in your kitchen as the lower strappy pulls on the cabinets are sort of 40s. Those don't play happily together.

I'd stick with smaller hardware from the same range -- just as the sample does.

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Great thread, thanks, localeater!
Only other GWers could begin to estimate how much time I've spent trying to figure this out. Thank you all for the input.
Thanks for the comment, Romy, I decided you are correct about knobs on both sets of uppers, at least on the less than 42" doors. So I've ordered enough to put them on all short upper doors and hope it looks okay to have pulls on the 6 long upper doors. DH really wants pulls on those, which are also the most used doors, so I think this system makes sense functionally and hope the aesthetics will work.
Blackchamois, we are in Tampa, FL. The cabinets are custom built in my GC's shop, he also does granite fabrication, electrical, etc.

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Holly- Kay

KK I was rereading this post and I need to clarify my comment. I didn't mean that you should have gone with the chocolate bronze, I meant that I would have chosen the cb to go with my cabs if I used the Candler. I was horrified to read what sounded like me telling you that you should have gone with a different finish.....Yikes, I need to reread before I post!!!

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I haven't offered alot of advice on GW because I've only done one kitchen and don't feel like an "expert".
The square Candel knobs are elegant (not fussy) but also look solid. I really like them. I think you should use them on all your uppers. Putting the pulls in a vertical position on your uppers is like introducing a third style of hardware. I'm afraid you'll lose the look you are trying to achieve.
I have knobs on 45" upper cabinets. They feel very solid. I was talked into vertical pulls on the pantry cabinets in a hallway & the laundry room. I don't like the look as well. I love my pulls in the horizontal, not as much in the vertical.

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Holly-kay, in my mind you are the hardware goddess of GW; I understood what you meant, no worries!
Romy718, if it was just me, I would go all knobs on the uppers. But I am taking dh's wishes into consideration, a little, and I do like the look of my pulls in a vertical position. I have them that way on pullouts and the few lower doors. I could certainly be wrong - I have been spectacularly wrong on hardware so far!
Rococogurl, you are likely right. But I just couldn't get those knobs out of my head! I am worried this may be one of Jakuvall's "don't let a good idea ruin a design - use it next time" examples. I may send those knobs back and pay the restocking fee...or decide to use them in my bedroom...or just put them in my kitchen and know that while I love them no one else sees them the same way. I don't think I'm going to have a "next time" in remodeling a kitchen.

I'm quite interested in how design elements successfully migrate from different rooms - I think lots of people first see mop (and my mop mosaic) as "bathroomy" and my GC was appalled by the idea of glass knobs in my kitchen - he said they are good for tween girls and strippers, lol!

People with my level of talent really ought to just follow design rules and use experts. Winston Churchill once said that American will always do the right thing, after exhausting all other possibilities. Call me patriotic, I've got the "exhausting all other possibilities" part down pat!

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Holly- Kay

Kk, with your lovely kitchen and knowing that you made it happen I think you can safely say you have the design thing down pat. I happen to love crystal anywhere and don't think it looks little girly or stripperish (yes iPad, I know that's not a real word.

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I love the Winston Churchill quote. Call me patriotic too and TKO.

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Can someone please tell me when GCs turned into the design police? I went through that with our second one. He was French so I figured it might be that. But he thought my cabinets should be replaced not painted (fine if he had been paying not us), he called the dining room light fixture the "Camembert" (meanwhile it looked stunning and helped sell the place) and -- after I asked him to keep a relatively new sink faucet he threw it out. Told me I needed a new one.

He was terrific about most things, handled some nasty surprises super well, and kept his cool when the tile contractor turned unprofessional.

But I hired him for his building expertise and excellent subs, not aesthetic opinions.

If you want knobs made out of playdough in the kitchen, your contractor shouldn't have anything to say about it apart from when can he install them.

Wonder how he'd like it if you came through his house and told him all the things that appalled you. Sheesh.

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I love your glass knobs! I think they will look really great with your pulls.

I feel your pain though....I photoshopped various versions of all pulls, pulls and knobs, placement of said pulls and knobs, etc until I think I drove myself crazy. It's amazing how time consuming all of the decisions become.

I can't wait to see your kitchen. It looks great so far!

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Awww, gee thanks y'all (hoping that my 7 years in the deep south have earned me a lifetime lease of that usefull word).
LOL, rococogurl! I do think this guy is pretty talented, and I'm sure he's saved me from myself more than once, but thanks to you I'm fantasizing about having my kids create some playdough knobs and asking him to install them! Ok, so my fantasies aren't exactly novella worthy. I guess strippers get all that fun, too!
Holly-kay, imo crystal is the decor equivalent of garlic or chocolate - isn't everything better with at least a smidge?
Rkb21, I'm alternately really happy and really frustrated that I never learned to photoshop....I think I've hit saturation crazy level without it.
The super great news is that I'm cooking in my kitchen! Nothing as pretty as trailrunner, but I made lasagna yesterday, a puffed oven pancake for breakfast and fish and veggies for dinner. We are on a 4 day no take-out streak - a record since demo in July!

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