Help on a linear suspension lighting above island/peninsular

babyfish00September 30, 2013

I think this linear suspension lighting isn't quite match with my kitchen. I don't know which part is not right, but it isn't right to my eyes. Is it too short compare to the island? hanged too high/low? The fluorescent tube is too white (cold)? Or the canopy position is weird? Any comment and suggestion to make it blends in more with my kitchen? I like this light fixture for its sleek and clean design, but not so much after I put it in my kitchen. The lighting of the kitchen is not completed yet, there will be LED (very white, like the one underneath the countertop on 2nd photo) strip on top of the wall cabinet.

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Cool kitchen! Awesome cat! I like the light but it might be just too self-similar to the rest of the kitchen. It really blends right in. I'm a big fan of the serene look where all the elements are understated, but maybe the light needs to differentiate itself at least a little bit?

Another thing that is not right to my eye is the wire that goes from the ceiling to the fixture. I've never understood why designers of modern light fixtures allow a dangly wire to interrupt the clean lines of everything else. I think that might be the part of the light that jumps out the most.

May I ask what your floor is made of? I like it!

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I agree with Karin - the fixture itself is practically invisible next to the other elements in your kitchen, but the cord and round box on the ceiling stick out like sore thumbs.

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Karin and Annkh, thanks for your reply. I tried to hang the light in various height but with similar effect. The tube I have installed and shown in photo is 4100K, will try something warmer before really taking it down. The canopy is really bothering me but I know it has to be there for any suspension linear light.

for my floor, it is porcelain tiles called STATALE 9 GRIGIO CEMENTO WORK 60x120x1.05cm rectified. I'm in love with its size and the cement feel. you can find more photo in this pdf file.

Here is a link that might be useful: Statale 9 grigio cemento procelian tiles

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I really like your sleek, modern kitchen. Those floor tiles are great.

I like the linear suspension light, but maybe you need one with more presence? I fell in love with the Flos "Long & Hard" linear suspension lamp designed by Philippe Starck. I kept walking around it at the showroom. It is so slim and clean and simple, but really has presence, especially with the undulating silver texture. Not cheap, but it is lighting and art in one, lol. The name is a bit much, but it is one sexy fixture. The Artemide Talo suspension in silver/gray is also cool, and a bit less expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Long & Hard

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Looks cool to me. To my thinking the only problem is that it doesn't illuminate the ceiling.

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kaysd - i was actually choosing between the Marset Neon de Lux and this Zaneen Utah linear profile, my first mind was set on the Marset but is not available in my area locally so I can't see it in person. From the photo online, it has a rectangular canopy which seems looks better than the Zaneen, and it illuminate the ceiling too. But that's still out of stock. Will go to the lighting store to see the flos too, I once came across the flos skygarden and is stunned by the quality, very impressive.

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Another idea for you - Tech Lighting's Kable Light system. We recently installed it in our family room, with the K-Hello heads.

(Not our family room - far from complete!) From Drop Box From Drop Box

Here is a link that might be useful: Kable-Lite Gallery

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Nice choice oldbat2be, is the finishes shiny or matte polished? thanks!

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