I'm buying Showplace!!!....jk

lindanewcSeptember 23, 2013

Oh, I'm so frustrated. I have been looking for cabinets for several months and I finally had settled on Showplace cabinets even though they were about $3k over budget but I figured "hey, you only do this once, right?"

I came to this KD because our installer recommended her even though I thought I wanted Columbia cabinets. I nixed Columbia because they weren't solid doors which is what I told my KD the first day we sat down to go over plans. We have been going over the details for 3 weeks now and finalized the plan on Friday and DH and I were going to order the cabinets today. Well, on Saturday I got to looking at the quote and realize that the quote is for Pendleton W, not Pendleton SWP (solid wood panel)

I emailed her over the weekend to make sure the quote was for solid wood panels and it turns out it's not....she'll get back to me on the price difference.

I'm in tears because we were already over budget and I cut a few things out because we were stretching it too far, so now I have to pay more for what I thought I was getting all along???

Jakuvall, I'd love to hear what you would do in this situation as a KD and Showplace dealer. What would typically be the upgrade cost?

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The difference between a wall 3636 and a base 36 is about 13% in oak. You molding and accessories don't change nor do most of the modifications.
I would hope you want a solid door for aesthetic reasons- you have a light wood and like the variation in the bands.

Always ask the KD how they can trim a decent amount off and be willing to re-examine some of the "nice" things- soft close doors, flush ends, even soft close drawers don't need to be on all cabinets unless you have a slammer in the house. It's a balancing act.

Sometimes a small configuration change can both improve the layout and save money, but they have to know if you are open to those changes first- if you list of "musts" doesn't allow it then no point.

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Thank you for the information. I just feel quite let down considering my KD knew that I wanted solid wood doors. And yes, for aesthetic reasons. There is a thread on Gardenweb about that which I'll try to attach. Basically, a Showplace employee (cabinetmakerswp) discusses the difference being that SWP would take a stain better and be more uniform. You'll have to scroll down quite a ways to get to that, but it's very specific. That was illustrated to me when I was going to buy Columbia cabinets but I saw a showroom that had samples that were different shades. Particularly, a maple that looked like the frame was yellow and the inset was pinkish. Because I'm only doing this once, I didn't want to see the panels turn a different color 3-5 years from now and have to live with it for another 20.

I am currently getting another bid for Showplace and have decided that if it doesn't come in around my budget, then obviously it wasn't meant to be. I'll just have to go back to the drawing board or reconsider other options. It's very discouraging.to think of all the time that was spent.

Here is a link that might be useful: flat panel cabinet doors?

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Shade variations with veneer panel really depend on both brand, color, and wood. I mostly worry about light colors. In maany cases I prefer veneer panels. My own kitchen is a mid range cherry in BH and no variation going on ten years.
added in the am
I'd suggest that if you end up needing to get veneer you take a look at door samples in the wood/color your after. It is best if they are a few years old.

I just took a look around the showroom. I have a good number of veneer panel doors here. I found two that I thought are objectionable- both in Maple with a glaze (I did do a bath in one of these that is just fine several years later though- maple can be tricky). I have half a dozen that are just fine. I have one QSWO in veneer that looks better than the QSWO solid panel does but neither is objectionable. All of the cherry doors are near perfect regardless of finish. Don't have a lot of Oak but did my dads kitchen with veneer panel oak a few years ago and saw it over the weekend and it is just lovely.

A number of these samples are from a much higher end brand which matters, though I've found SWPs grading to be above average good for the price point.

Hope you can resolve the issue or at least get to see samples from someone that can ease your mind.

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I think it's around 10% to go from veneer to reversed raised panel (solid panel) on the Pendleton door. Also, interesting that you can get SP and SPW for the same price....so go for the wider rails too.

Ask your KD if she would give you the increase of price at her cost. So instead of a 10% upcharge, it might only be 6 or 7% upcharge. I'm sure she doesn't want to lose your business.

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Jakuvall & Kompy,

Thank you for your very helpful information. I got my revised quote yesterday and my KD said it would have been $686 more, but she'll let me have the SWP for only $145 more. Very well within reason and we're going to be ordering the cabinets tomorrow!!! Yay!!

This is very relieving because we were referred to this company by our installer who my DH deals with at work sometimes and swears that he is the BEST carpenter he's ever worked (and DH has been in construction for 40 years). We could have walked away, but it's always nice when things work out for the best. Working with us on this issue also gives me confidence that they are a fair and equitable company.

Kompy, if it hadn't already been resolved, that is a great suggestion re: getting the KD's price and I would have proposed that to the KD.

Jakuvall, when you say BH, is that Brookhaven? We got a bid on Brookhaven also (love that lazy susan), but it was just too expensive. I guess the cabinet pricing is comparable to SP & Columbia, but they charge shipping which makes it more expensive. At least that's what that particular dealer told us.

Ahhh....life is good.

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Glad it all worked out, that is a good bit better than "at cost" :) Hope it all goes well from here.

Yes BH is Brookhaven, I sold them where I used to work, will cost more than SWP. In fairness BH is either frameless or doweled frames. SWP is pocket hole frame construction instead of dowels but you get ply. So not apples to apples. Finish and grading are close. SWPs finish has only improved since I took them on; grading has always been good.

All brands charge shipping, all.
Some put it on top, others wrap it up in the dealer discount so that varies by region. Most charge a nominal extra fee for job site delivery as well.

The Suzi Q in the frameless line is one of my favorites- have put in quite a few, have one myself and one on display here. I've been trying to get SWP to offer it for insets, doesn't work as well in framed overlay though.

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Thats fantastic! I actually kinda felt bad for the KD as I read your story because it can be confusing. I once thought Pendleton W meant wood panel. SP=solid panel; SPW=solid panel w/ wider rails.

It's crazy that they don't charge extra for the wide rails. Even with Pendleton.....Pendleton W is the same price!!!
No brainer if you're going full overlay. Looks really nice.

Here's Showplace basement kitchenette I did in QS oak with the Pendleton SPW.

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That's a kitchen "ette"? It's bigger than my kitchen!

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That's a beautiful kitchen-ette. Its similar in shape to my kitchen and helps me envision what my kitchen will look like all put together. What kind of granite is that? I am looking to put a lighter granite in my kitchen too. I was thinking Cashmere white, but I heard they're having problems getting it from India so it's not readily available. We saw some river white and it looks similar.

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That granite is called "Golden Oak".

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That granite is called "Golden Oak".

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