"not at your local store" poor H.D. search tool

mrtulinSeptember 30, 2013

Am I missing something on Home Despot on-line ordering?
Two items I want to order are not at my "local" H.D. Customer is directed to search a different zip code (from my local one) to find out which stores have in stock.
Am I expected to put random Massachusetts or southern NH zip codes in and see if I luck out?
I understand I can order on line and get it. But if I'm in the area of the store where it's in stock, I could get it immediately.
But, jeeze, how do find out which store?
Some one on the phone in the plumbing department got on line for me. He didn't have any suggestions except "try plugging in some other zip codes." Right. Now I have to do an on line search for zip codes?
It seems to me that if Lowes knows exactly how many knobs of a certain style are on the shelf at its Metheun store, Home Depot should be able to tell me which of their stores has the faucet I want.
Tell me I missed something, please.

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If it's not carried at your local store, chances are it's not carried in your region. You have to individually select other stores in our region to find out though. So go back and de-select your local store as your home store and then select a different store in your region as your home store. You'll probably see what I'm saying and that no store carries your widget that is close enough to you to drive. Just order online.

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Also, that search engine isn't correct. We were looking for something that said it wasn't available in stores (but we could order it online) and then when we were in the store they actually did have it, and the HD employee said not to believe anything the website says... you might have better luck calling stores if you think one of them will carry it.

There are also quite a few items that Home Depot carries online but does not sell in retail stores, and it will always come up with the "not in your local store" result no matter what you put in. They should say "available online only" instead, but they don't.

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I agree that HD's search is horrible. However as an avid DIYer who frequents more than one HD depending on where I am at the time I can tell you, just because one store doesn't carry something doesn't mean it is not carried regionally. HD does carry many items at one location that it does not carry at others.

I just spent 2 weeks trying to track down a specific stain base from Minwax. HD carries it in 1 of their stores in my area. But not in the other 5 within my driving distance. There is a certain wood I was using for shelves, a finger jointed pine, I happened to be at the other HD on the same road 15 miles away so I stopped in there to get one more shelf, they told me they don't carry it in that size, they have a more limited selection because of their proximity to the city they sell less lumber. Go figure.

I would suggest calling a corporate number for HD and talking to someone in the actual supply chain. There is a distribution warehouse somewhere that ships to the stores and they can tell you where the item goes that you are looking for. I found this out the round about way by going through Minwax first, who then gave me the number to my local distribution center for HD regionally, who then sent me to the right store to find the stain I needed. But, I eventually did. Good Luck!

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